Yeo Valley Organic Salted and Unsalted Butter 250g on offer @ £1 in Sainsbury's

Yeo Valley Organic Salted and Unsalted Butter 250g on offer @ £1 in Sainsbury's

Found 3rd Oct 2008
Sainsbury's are selling both the salted and unsalted Yeo Valley Organic butter on offer at £1 instead of £1.40.

This makes it cheaper than their own brand organic butter which is £1.13 for salted and £1.27 for unsalted (which is bizarre as you would have thought not adding salt would make it cheaper?!)

I believe this offer is on until 14th October
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You'd butter not miss out on this deal!
The salted is probably cheaper than the unsalted as it gives the product a longer shelf life ?
I think salty one is cheaper simply because salt is cheaper than butter. more salt they put more profit they make.
good deal. voted hot. tesco was also doing its own organic unsalted for £1 by the way.
the most spreadable butter IMHO
I moaned at the Mrs for ages, as we now use Danish bread which tears to shreds if you put very much pressure on it.

Yeo Valley spreads right out of the plastic tub we put it in.
If you leave it in a cupboard that is.
Lovely stuff and spreadable from the fridge after a few seconds. Really good on hot toast....................yum.:thumbsup:
I've been and got these tonight, I use loads of butter in cooking so I've bought a load of both. Thanks.

Hot for you.
Salt makes the butter last longer, so there are lower stock losses, hence it can be cheaper
thanks for the info on adding salt which makes the butter cheaper, learn something new every day :thumbsup:
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