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SEAT, Leon Hatch 1.5 TSI EVO 130 SE Dynamic NAV 5Dr Manual [Start Stop].  £179.99 deposit. £179.99 a month. 10000 miles @YES LEASING.
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Looks a decent deal for a lease. 1 x 23 months. £179.99 deposit and £179.99 a month 10,000 miles a year £300 admin charge. Free Metallic Paint, Sat Nav, 17in Alloy Wheels, Cru… Read more
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No nothing suspicious, he cant drive as he is not allowed, he has seizures as a result of a brain injury. If you refer to my driving as being driven like Lewis Hamilton would drive, then yes I agree! :) ;)


Nothing suspicious there. The car sounds like it's been tagged round corners. A lot. Ban motobility.


this should be pinned, on every lease thread.....


If I bought a ~£25k car and it was keyed within two years I wouldn't "bodge it". If that's you mentality, that's fine, you could just wait for all damage to happen and get it booked in a month before handing it back, but I would have any damage fixed instantly on such a new car. If I bought an old second hand car with was in pretty decent nick, but had slight bubbling, bit of scuffing etc I may not bother to get a little bit of keying fixed however.


Yeah coz youre keeping the car... but theres no rush u dont need to fix it and can bodge it. Also a tiny key mark wont need a full respray on your own car but on a rental youll have to get it done...

Ford Focus Hatch 1.0 T EcoBoost 125 Zetec, 5dr, Manual - 36 month lease @ yes-lease £205pm
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
I just came across this deal and looks pretty decent for a 3 years lease with 8000 miles. Only £205 initial rental, £300 admin fee and then 35 payments of £205 per month. Total ov… Read more

I like that spreadsheet I am going to make something similar as I will be weighing up options over the next year or so


If only it was £180 pm


He has only had it for 2 weeks :)


Not a bad deal really, I'd sooner have the Seat Leon over the Focus but that's down to taste, I've had a look at the figures and this deal is still cheaper than owning a Focus over 3 years. Not by much though.


Yeah OK. Windscreen wiper have lasted you well then.

Citroen, C3 Hatch 1.2 PureTech 82 Feel 5Dr Manual 10,000miles £300 Fee 18 months - £3215.82 @ Yes lease
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Go Easy first Lease deal posted: No deposit cheap 18 months lease may help someone looking for a small short term lease for the quick tesco and and short school runs.
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(shock) I suppose it's the badge that counts...


Better that than Renault engines in Mercedes...


Just wait until they find out BMW engines were being put in PSA models...


Sold out.



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Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.6 CRDi '2'  - 3 year lease, Initial payment £214.99 + 35 payments of £214.99 - £7,740 @ Yes lease
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
A large estate car lease for £214.99 a month for 36 months Free Premium Paint Upgrade, In Stock Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.6 CRDi 134 2 5Dr Diesel Manual [Start Stop] Auto Lights… Read more

OK, thanks. I've expired this deal.


Just been sent the updated price. 1 +35 8k £229 pm


Will do. Was told they'd email me when they hear from the supplier.


Yes's website really is useless. Please let us know how you get on. Thanks.


This deal is not valid. I applied to get the vehicle and it turns out the offer is from January 2018. The original advert from that date had resurfaced. They are in discussions with the supplier as to whether they can supply at this price.

Kia Stonic SUV 1.4 '2' 5dr - 3 year lease £189 and then 35 payments of £189 - £6804 @ Yes Lease
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
A nice little SUV for not much money. In Stock. NB The deal has now been taken off their front web page but it is still available, you just have to give them a call to take up the … Read more

^ These highly wound 1.0 units are just bad news all round. It is ridiculous to chase up to 140ps from a tiny engine with no torque that would be lucky to generate 60ps if naturally aspirated, and pulling ever heavier "small" cars with ludicrously high gearing. All the marques are doing it to hit their CO2 targets, although some are stretching the tech further than others - Ford seem to be asking the most out of these engines. A small engine that's working hard most of the time and has a 1st gear ratio like most would consider to be what's expected of 2nd is not going to last long, and the clutches will last far less time than expected (I would expect 80k miles minimum from a clutch that hasn't bee abused)


If you’ve not had issues yet I’d think you’ll be ok....(y)


Don't say that. I'm not changing it until it falls apart. For God sake I have got to pay for a new car for myself every 2 years. I can't be replacing the wife's ford already.


Haha mines only done 23k - and the clutch they just took out at a year old had no wear on it so they can’t even put it down to driving style. I just got one of the broken ones, it happens! At least it hasn’t burst into flames yet like some of the others.



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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0T Super LEASE DEAL 24m (23+9) 8k miles pa £214.09pcm £1926.83 deposit no fees £6,850.90 YesLease
Found 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0T Super LEASE DEAL 24m (23+9) 8k miles pa £214.09pcm £1926.83 deposit no fees £6,850.90 YesLease
£6,850.90£7,2105%Yes Lease Deals
There are some very good deals on the Alfa Giulia at the moment (cheaper than the Giulietta in some cases). Metallic paint is extra on this deal but still a cracking price for a g… Read more
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Missed out on this, does anyone know of a deal anywhere near as good? Best I've found is 7800 over 24 months with 8k. Need to replace my Alfa GT and have. Y heart set on a Giulia.


And from my experience once you get the best deal go to the dealer and give them a chance to beat it, they often can and you'll enjoy the process more of getting a new car too.


Yes,try leasing dot com And yes, lease prices can vary very very heavily, you should check out the main sites and look at what deals are on and find a car you like based on what's on offer.


Still a good experience, even with your 1.0 . A bit of tuition and you'd have a great day.. Sorry, going off topic now.


Cheers no idea there was such a thing. I guess my 1.0 litre would be a waste of track :)

Yes-Lease - Skoda Octavia Hatch 1.0 TSi 115 SE Technology, no deposit 24 month lease 8000 miles/year @ 4188.96 @ Yes Lease
Found 2nd Oct 2018Found 2nd Oct 2018
Yes-Lease - Skoda Octavia Hatch 1.0 TSi 115 SE Technology, no deposit 24 month lease 8000 miles/year @ 4188.96 @ Yes Lease
£4,188.96Yes Lease Deals
great deal for one of the best family cars available. £159.59 * 24 months + £358.80 = £4188.96 total based on 800 (OOPS Meant 8000 :) )miles per annum.
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Mine came perfectly fine, delivered in Jan too


I had mine in January, with the same Issues with delivery. Couldn’t be bothered to complain tho, simply gave it a clean and carried on.


Took delivery of my car today. The car itself is great with loads of bells and whistles but I am far from impressed with the dealership that delivered it, dried muddy marks in various places on the interior (driver footwell, on the pedals, driver's door and in the boot). I've sent an email (including photos) to Yes Lease stating my disappointment on receiving a brand new car in such a condition and they have passed it on to the dealership.


Has anyone had theirs delivered? or timescales extended?


haha , they cant get it any quicker as all made in the same factory as everyone else unless they are building the cars out back themselves ;-) taking orders and dealing with the problems later springs to mind , iv read this so many times about this firm sadly

Mercedes-Benz A Class A180 Hatch 1.5 d 116 Sport Executive - 2 year lease £275.81pm (1+23) £6919.44 total Yes Lease
Found 27th Sep 2018Found 27th Sep 2018
Mercedes-Benz A Class A180 Hatch 1.5 d 116 Sport Executive - 2 year lease £275.81pm (1+23) £6919.44 total Yes Lease
£6,919.44Yes Lease Deals
Better value than the other mercedes A class deal on here in my opinion so thought I would post it. Not something I would go for myself but hope it helps someone. Comes with 10k mi… Read more

And a last...


We're due to give our Honda back in October, but our new car isn't due in until mid November. I contacted Honda, who said I could keep the car as long as I wanted for a daily charge of £6.10. I simply have to give them a weeks notice and they'll come and get it. So far so good for me.


There's a first time for everything.


You've made me do something I thought I never would: click like on one of your comments!


Agree totally.... Some people just don't understand the benefits of leasing. (y)

Kia Stonic SUV 1.4 98 2 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] Lease @ Yes Lease - £300 Up Front / £189pm x Years = £7,104
Found 25th Aug 2018Found 25th Aug 2018
Kia Stonic SUV 1.4 98 2 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] Lease @ Yes Lease - £300 Up Front / £189pm x Years = £7,104
Kia Stonic SUV 1.4 98 2 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] £189 per month 3 year lease no deposit £300 processing fee x

Hi could you tell mw where did u get that deal? Thankss


Thanks, test drove one today, was not bad


I know two Niro owners both previously had the sportage , Have also driven, great car


considering a KIA Niro (Hybrid not PHEV) Any experiences with KIA overall or a Niro?


my mum had a nissan juke, it had a rattle in the engine compartment when going over rough roads, seemed a bit dodgy. she had to get rid of it because the automatic cvt gearbox started making a noise, cvt gearbox failure is a common thing for jukes (and can cost about 5k for a new box). i liked the car , how it drove , how it looked, and its comfort, but its mpg was 40mpg as opposed to about 50 mpg in her new cvt honda jazz, plus nissan seem to have reliability problems.

Good deal for the spec! - Ford Kuga SUV 2WD 1.5 T EcoBoost 150 ST-Line 5Dr Manual £239.99 p/m 36 months - £8639.64 annual mileage 8000 - Yes lease
Found 30th Jul 2018Found 30th Jul 2018
Good deal for the spec! - Ford Kuga SUV 2WD 1.5 T EcoBoost 150 ST-Line 5Dr Manual £239.99 p/m 36 months - £8639.64 annual mileage 8000 - Yes lease
£8,639.64Yes Lease Deals
Ford Kuga SUV 2WD 1.5 T EcoBoost 150 ST-Line 5Dr Manual [Start Stop]

Who mentioned roundabouts? My partner turned over a Kia Sorento ....not on a roundabouts!!!


Unfortunately, It's still a Ford !


No no they roll like clarksons three wheeler


That would be good going given, as you say, others appear to get, on average, nearer 33mpg.


Several things I would point out about this. We have a Kuga on lease (67 plate which we got in February). Firstly I would test drive the ST model first, we loved the look but hated the drive, the suspension is awful. Secondly the fuel economy on these is dire, we get 38mpg combined, on the Quashqai we had before this we avaeraged 56mpg and the Sportage before that was 52mpg. We have the 2.0l diesel version. Other with the 1.5 have reported even worse fuel economy.

1 + 35 Lease Volkswagen Tiguan  2.0 TDI 150 SE Nav  Manual 10K Miles p.a. - 263.99 pcm + £300 Fee = 9803.64 or £272.32 pcm net @ Yes Lease
Found 14th May 2018Found 14th May 2018
1 + 35 Lease Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 150 SE Nav Manual 10K Miles p.a. - 263.99 pcm + £300 Fee = 9803.64 or £272.32 pcm net @ Yes Lease
£9,803.64Yes Lease Deals
Yes Lease. 3 Year lease with 1 month initial. Am personally looking for a 24 month lease at a good price for this car, but may help some...

Lol... Not being as good as another don't make you bad at your job... Just means someone else is better (angel) . May have just been my luck!


I negotiate a lot in my job, some reasonable numbers. Work with a large amount of suppliers and I used to think I was rather good at negotiating. My wife, far superior than me at most things, is also rather good, worked for a large company where her direct annual spend just under 200 million a year with suppliers. Might consider employing you as we are obviously rather bad at our jobs :D :D Good work though, I saw another R line today, as our one comes to the end in October, might have to consider another Tiguan, might get the LW base one, need a bigger boot.


There's always room for movement, hence, why it can always be negotiated. Initially I was going to get an SEL at this price, but with a bit of homework, I managed to get the R-Line at this price.


The numbers are the numbers. Sometimes on these there isn't much movement on the numbers.


Got to know how to negotiate... ;) It was ordered through G2L. Car was also delivered in 2 weeks 8) . However, it wasn't 10k it was 9k. But that wouldn't/shouldn't make that much of a difference.

BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Hatchback 630i M Sport 5dr Auto 2 year lease 8000mpa @ Yes Lease - £3,121 deposit / £347pm x 23 months = £11,097
Found 5th Apr 2018Found 5th Apr 2018
BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Hatchback 630i M Sport 5dr Auto 2 year lease 8000mpa @ Yes Lease - £3,121 deposit / £347pm x 23 months = £11,097
£3121 deposit followed by 23 payments of £347. Seems to be Business Users only. Not for everyone but good price compared to other recent lease deals here
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Thats where marketing got involved and tried to upsell the cars. IMO its a good engine (still develops a lot of horses) but whether it deserves a x30 badge is a different matter. You can get similar performance by chipping the stock 2.0L 190 option. What they seemed to have done is got rid of all the ×23, x25 & x28s pushed the x30 down the scale and pushed the x40 and x50 as the big engined non-M option


This all stemmed from my original comment about this car having a measly 2 litre engine under a 630 badge. Sign of the times I suppose


Can't believe an Astra vxr and a BMW GT are being spoken about in the same sentence. Agreed the Astra does the 0 to 60 in 6 odd seconds, but in comparison a La Ferrari has 4 wheels as does a Ford Fiesta. End of point...


Nothing to do with manufactuer finances. Because vehicle taxation in Europe is now based on CO2 emissions, manufacturers naturally optimise their engines to achieve the lowest possible CO2.


The flagship Astra engine is the 2.0 from the VXR line. The 1.6 sits firmly below this - not top, not bottom - therefore making it middle of the range. Not really sure why everyone’s disagreeing about this

Smart ForFour for 4 Years 96.99 No Deposit (Term total £4655.52) @ Yes Lease
Found 22nd Mar 2018Found 22nd Mar 2018
Smart ForFour for 4 Years 96.99 No Deposit (Term total £4655.52) @ Yes Lease
Not for everyone but seems like a good deal to me: £96.99 incl VAT monthly rentals Personal contract hire Contract term : 48 months Rental profile : 1 + 47 Annual mileage : 8… Read more

How much was it, did you take a loan, if yes, at what percentage, how much is it worth now? The i10 was always given lots of credit for being good and cheap but the i20 was always much nicer, in looks and how it seemed to be put together.


Joke post, surely?


Looked like a great deal initially, until I saw you can pay another £1900 and you can buy a 2017 model under 1 year old with around 10,000 miles on the clock and can sell it in four years time (or sooner), and do not have to worry about the inevitable scratch or dent. Indeed there is one on ebay which is 7 months old for £4999 which has had cat c damage but has been repaired


Just got one of these for my mum who used to have the previous version of the brabus forfour which was brilliant. This is a very different type of car but she really wanted a smart again and something a bit different. Got it for the £96 per month and its been registered before 1st april so is tax free. Being delivered wednesday. Taking into account the cheaper insurance than her current Kia and the fact she wont need breakdown cover or tax this new car will be costing around £70 per month and gets delivered a week today. I understand the car is not for everyone and the pure model is strange in that it had very little “comfort” equipment but is very well specced with safety equipment. As this is a deals site and this car or similar cannot now be had for anything even close to that initial price and monthly payment id say this was the best deal available ive seen on the site for a while. As a side note yes lease have also been very good to deal with and i will probably make them first port of call for the wife when her 207 becomes unviable to continue


"quite" like it? I bloody love the look of the Cactus. My old Volvo v50 just won't die thou :(

Ford Focus Hatchback 1.0 EcoBoost 140 ST-Line Navigation 5dr 6960 36m @ Yes-lease
Found 9th Mar 2018Found 9th Mar 2018
Ford Focus Hatchback 1.0 EcoBoost 140 ST-Line Navigation 5dr 6960 36m @ Yes-lease
Personal contract hire ★ ONE OF OUR TOP DEALS ★ £184.99 incl VAT monthly rental £184.99 incl VAT initial rental Personal contract hire Ford Focus Hatchback 1.0 EcoBo… Read more
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In fact, here's a quote from an Autocar review I found... sums it up perfectly. ------------- Amazingly, the car is even long-legged. You've got to be indicating nearly 90mph before the tacho shows 3000rpm in sixth, and it can maintain this up hill and down dale. It is already clear, however, that like Fiat's TwinAir this Focus triple is an economy car for the willing. We turned 52mpg on a medium-fast, 80-mile trip through southern Spain, where another crew, not much faster, returned economy in the late 30s. You have to understand Ford's triple to make it sing for its supper. -------------


You end up eating an inferior alternative to real mashed potato, but you still feel all warm and tingly inside as you reminisce about the 80's TV advert with the tin-can alien family. Enjoy!


I do understand that some driving styles won't suit these cars, but it's inappropriate to blame the car. I remember the TG test, and it was deploying a Prius in completely unsuitable conditions. If the test was reversed, then the M3 would also have been embarrassed. but that too wouldn't have been a fair test, as no one buys an m3 to squeeze out economy. And I'm sorry, but 'lack the ability to pull average speeds and overtake ...' etc... I've driven the wifes car plenty, I've also done a couple of runs to Scotland and back on various routes (I drive a lot...) and I managed over 50mpg on a not slow good run. Yes, of course if you plant your foot, then the instant economy will plummet, but that, over a long run will average out. They are more than capable of overtaking, as I demonstrated last sunday when I picked up a NIP for doing 69 in a 60 limit as I overtook a Sunday driver on a country road...( as I said, we live rural...)...! It IS horses for courses, but we get better performance, AND better economy from this car than we did from the wifes last car, a 1.2 non turbo fiesta over the same roads with the same loads and a driving style adapted to suit the car.


You don't entirely regain the efficiency lost when you go down the hill unfortunately no. The point I was making was one proved by Topgear a few seasons ago. A Toyota Prius Vs an M3. The M3 was more efficient when doing speeds where the Prius was having to push. Having said that 45mpg isn't too bad I don't think I'd achieve that but that's irrelevant. I guess the cars these days represent the people driving them. Lack the ability to pull at average speeds and overtake slower moving traffic.


We own one (the 125 titanium version to be specific), and no you don't have "your foot on the floor", try changing gear? . And you do realise that if you have to go up a hill, you'll also at some point, go down a hill and regain that efficiency lost? Over 10k of real driving, my not so efficient wife has managed an average of 45mpg in hers, we live pretty rural, so also includes an uncommon mix of short spurts up to higher than usual speeds, so I think that's pretty damn good for a car this size, often travelling with 3 people in it. The efficiency and benefit of these little turbo cars is ENTIRELY down to how you drive it.

Skoda KODIAQ2.0 TDI SE 4x4 5dr - £226.43pm rental £2037.85 initial + £300 admin = £7,772.17 at Yes Lease
Found 19th Jan 2018Found 19th Jan 2018
Skoda KODIAQ2.0 TDI SE 4x4 5dr - £226.43pm rental £2037.85 initial + £300 admin = £7,772.17 at Yes Lease
Personal contract hire £226.43 incl VAT monthly rental £2037.85 incl VAT initial rental Contract term24 months Rental profile9 + 23 Annual mileage8000 Processing fee£300.00 Fin… Read more

What you got is what I'm after. The 1.5 Karoq or 1.4 Ateca, but I'd maybe go either manual or automatic. Only seeing 1.6 TDI Atecas in that kinda price range ATM.


On what planet is the OP living on if they think this is a good deal.


Not strictly true. Whilst the Kodiaq is obvious larger than the Karoq, they both run on the same MQB platform (just as the current B8 Superb does). The Touareg/Q7 run on the larger MLBevo platform (just like the Cayenne and the Bentayga and the new Audi Q8).


Some people comparing Kodiaq to the Tiguan/Karoq/Ateca when in actuality its based on the Touareg/Q7 platform. I suggest doing some research. Simspons Skoda here have the same model for £7067 with no fees and if you go direct to a main dealer who values customers and passes on the rebates that VWFS are offering you could get this for a bit cheaper. (Email/call around the lancaster/jardine group and you will see what I mean) Yes its a lot of car for the money and the only reason I chose not to go for it was due to the fact its a manual. I went for the 1.5 DSG Karoq instead at £5250 when that deal cropped up - again direct from a dealer. I suggest anyone looking into leasing uses brokers as a benchmark and approaches main dealers to price match. That way theres no fees, you deal direct in case of any pricing errors (A6 anyone?) and you have peace of mind dealing with a dealer direct. Not to say brokers are all crap, some are good but I have been stung in the past. Anyway I'm rambling and the users of this site hate leases anyway. Happy hunting :D


£7.61/net/month or £182.56 over the total period cheaper here:

Mercedes-Benz E Class Diesel Cabriolet E220d AMG Line 2dr 9G-Tronic Personal £7775.83 including admin fee and deposit @ Yes lease
Found 15th Jan 2018Found 15th Jan 2018
Mercedes-Benz E Class Diesel Cabriolet E220d AMG Line 2dr 9G-Tronic Personal £7775.83 including admin fee and deposit @ Yes lease
£7,775.83Yes Lease Deals
Yes lease have been good to me in the past and have discounted a deal further. This might be worth a call up if you’re in the market for a car of this spec...this will not disappoi… Read more

Gotta agree, had e220 and now e350d both have so many eletrocal problems , rattles and powerless engine after new co2 update. Going to audi next..


But on a car like this you will lose way more than 2k, and more likely more than the lease costs. You also have the faf of selling private, or losing on a trade in. Lease is easier and cheaper if you pick the right lease.


As per my response to defgimp, the car was launched in 2017 so it's safe to assume that he / she is looking at the previous model and not the current model. I've been searching for the new shape daily and the cheapest I can find one for is £36,700. No car would reduce that drastically within such a short period, after 3 years all vehicles lose around half their original value yes but not within months like what's stated. Thanks.


Could you post the link for the one at £25k?! I've been searching high and low daily and the cheapest one I can find one for is £36,700. Also this car was only launched in 2017, so I think you have been looking at the previous shape / model! A link would be useful just to confirm, thanks.


See above the post from defgimp. Over 1/2 years the car goes from being worth £45k to £25k. So when you resell you lose £20k not £2k.

Ford Focus Hatchback 1.0 140 ST-Line Navigation £179.04 a month no deposit + £300 processing fee (Total over 3 years £6745.44) - Yes Lease
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
Ford Focus Hatchback 1.0 140 ST-Line Navigation £179.04 a month no deposit + £300 processing fee (Total over 3 years £6745.44) - Yes Lease
Just looking around at what cars are around for when i renew and came across this deal that seems pretty cheap, i did want a 2 year but it seems a lot of places are doing the 3 yea… Read more
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what is the cost of servicing etc?


"lease cars tend to have a bit of mileage and other registered owners" I have never leased but my understanding is that the lease company is the only registered owner and the only mileage is delivery, particularly those cars that are not in stock at time of order, so as new as any other?




There are pros and cons for both purchase and leasing. I looked at this recently after my son leased a 1.0 ST Fiesta, same engine as this. It goes very well. However the Focus is a bit heavier and not sure if I would buy one. However Nissan are putting a 1.2 litre in their Qashqai and look at the size of one of theirs. Small turbo engines make these fly but only time will tell how reliable they are. My wife changed her car in August and we looked at the lease deal as it meant we could have a new car instead of one up to two years old. We were looking at a 66 plate Vauxhall Mokka to buy and compared it to a two year lease but in the end we decided the best deal for us was to buy it outright and not lease. My wife does about 5k a year and at the time the Mokka was about £200 per month and I think about £1200 up front on a lease deal. We decided that as we are both older it would be best to buy. If either one of us lost our jobs at least we cold get rid of the car compared to having a lease stuck round our necks. Remember that it is harder to get jobs sometimes when you are older. Also your guarantee of health is less too and as we found out recently, only 2 months after buying the car my wife is going to have to give up work due to ill health. She may never drive again so imagine the predicament with a lease deal. As we bought the car cash we can easily sell it if we decide. We discussed lease deals with three different sales guys and when we mentioned the subject of being older and approaching retirement years they all agreed that purchase was the best option. From a depreciation point of view at least with a lease deal you have fixed costs for the next 24/36 months but with purchase it can be a bit of a minefield. We lost £3100 on our 12 plate Fiesta purchased in 2014, part exchanged exactly 3 years later so I don't think that's bad all. We know we will lose more on the Mokka in the same timeframe as it's newer and cost quite a bit more to buy than the Fiesta.


Yea it's very impressive. 3.5lt V6 and can get up to 60MPG on some runs! Brakes are still fine due to regenerative braking too. Although the servicing costs are quite high, and the infotainment system is pretty pants.... I'm saving up for a Tesla next though.... (nerd) Second hand Model S me thinks....!

Nissan Qashqai Diesel 1.5 dCi Acenta [Smart Vision] 5dr Personal contract hire @ £215.74/Month inc VAT for 3yrs (£7766.64 total) & mileage 10K with YesLease
Found 14th Oct 2017Found 14th Oct 2017
Nissan Qashqai Diesel 1.5 dCi Acenta [Smart Vision] 5dr Personal contract hire @ £215.74/Month inc VAT for 3yrs (£7766.64 total) & mileage 10K with YesLease
£7,766.64Yes Lease Deals
Total for 3 yrs. 215.74 × 36 = £7766.64 No Deposit Personal Lease Deal £215.74 Per month, including VAT Personal contract hireContract term: 36 months Rental profile: 1 + 35 Annua… Read more

If deposit is not an issue, I make this one £7,350. Here


Are you comparing apples with pears?


Voted hot. Good deal to me that


Buy a 12 reg for cash and its yours!


Plus the £300 processing fee.

Citroën DS3 1.2 PureTech - 12 month lease, no deposit, 12 x 175.19 + 300 fee = £2,402.28 @ YesLease
Found 10th Oct 2017Found 10th Oct 2017
Citroën DS3 1.2 PureTech - 12 month lease, no deposit, 12 x 175.19 + 300 fee = £2,402.28 @ YesLease
£2,402.28Yes Lease Deals
Citroën DS3 1.2 PureTech Petrol 1.2 PureTech 82 Connected Chic 3dr Personal Lease 12 Month Lease 10,000 Miles Per Year NO DEPOSIT FREE ROAD TAX

Car delivered today. DS3 in black. lots of toys. Drives ok, steering very light and very little torque but perfect town car for the money.


Ordered one as a cheapish 12 month nothing to worry about motor. Gets delivered on Tuesday. Slow yes but well specced and comfortable town car.


The finance and the driver can be completely different afaik


£63.68 cheaper if you don't mind paying a deposit:


noob Q: can my dad buy this and I drive the car as second driver ? Since I bad credit history. And I am certain they will do credit check which I am sure out of commission lol ;(

Mercedes-Benz A Class Diesel Hatchback A200d AMG Line 5dr £6513.36 @ Yes lease
Found 1st Oct 2017Found 1st Oct 2017
Mercedes-Benz A Class Diesel Hatchback A200d AMG Line 5dr £6513.36 @ Yes lease
£6,153.36Yes Lease Deals
No Deposit Personal Lease Deal Just £248.89 Per month, including VAT Personal contract hire Contract term: 24 months Rental profile: 1 + 23 Annual mileage: 10,000 Production statu… Read more
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Expired? Link not working


It's a lease. Who cares.


I just see diesel as a liability these days. Gov always thinking of taxing them out of existence, especially labour if they get in next time..


OK can you let me know where you buy Audi car from and which one you've bought and price paid thanks


The deal is no longer on the website and they didn’t get back to me so possibly ended?

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