Yeti ice scraper £2.50 @ peacocks

Yeti ice scraper £2.50 @ peacocks

Found 20th Dec 2017
The Yeti Ice Scraper may look like the hand and claws of an arctic beast but it's actually a brilliant window scraper for those freezing cold mornings!
Whilst you scrape away with a normal ice scraper your hand tends to freeze up as it is close to the ice and snow. With this Yeti glove your hand will be snug and warm and the neighbours will think that you're turning into a werewolf as you comfortably de-ice your windscreen!
About this Product
Yeti hand ice scraper!
Keeps your hand warm whilst you scrape the ice
Claws are just for decoration
Scraper part attached to glove
Great stocking filler for Dad
What do you get?
1 x Ice scraper glove
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Looks more like a wampa!(horror)
Looks more like a wampa!(horror)
Wanted a yeti gold but not this one
Why is this so cold?! ☃ it's hilarious 🔥
I need one of these
After there stupid christmas ad i will NEVER go in this shop again EVER !!!
Hot 4 me
excellent!! cheers!!
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