Yippee iPad Air & Air 2 Case £8.99 sold by ESR and Fulfilled by Amazon

Yippee iPad Air & Air 2 Case £8.99 sold by ESR and Fulfilled by Amazon

Found 5th Dec 2014
Okay, so these cases are reduced from £18.99 to £8.99, saving a massive £10.
They are great cases, I have one for my Air 2 and most of my relatives now have them too!

The illustrator series are reduced to £11.99, but still a great bargain.

As you'll be able to see from the pictures on the site, they've got extra magnets in for sturdier positions and you can tell it's made of good materials.

Averages 4.7 out of 5 stars on the site reviews.

Don't post deals often, so hope this helps someone!


What is the quality like compared to Apple official cases

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Personally, I don't see much difference in the quality. They both work with the auto-lock feature and if anything, this holds the device upright better.

By the looks of the leading photo...these seem to be 'covers' not full cases? ...or are they case with transparent back covers? (because I can see the back of the ipad)

Edit: Ok, so it seems it *is* a case, here's one reviewer's comment...

"Picture was showing yellow cover but transparent case - turned out both yellow. Disappointed"

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These cases are front and back, have had one for 6 months and they are worth the money.... Have a blue one with no complaints

Thanks for posting. Looked at this deal yesterday but didn't have champaigne in stock. Today they do and was able to add an iPad air case for my son too to get free delivery on both


Now £3.99 add on deal.


Looks good

If you fold the cover all the way to the back when using the iPad, like when you read a book, does the magnet affect the screen or not?

I remember on a galaxy tablet, when I fold the cover to the back while using the tablet, the screen used to stop working because of interference from the magnet.

Does this happened with this case/iPad too?

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No, it doesn't. Works fine.

I don't think it's actually reduced, the price has been £8.99 for a while...

But heat added as I have the champagne iPad Air 2 case and it's excellent.
I also bought a black iPad Air case from them for my brother.

The only downside to these cases is that when the cover is open, the screen isn't protected much, so I wouldn't recommend it for children's use.
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