Yogi Bear- £1 Kids AM - Vue Cinemas

Yogi Bear- £1 Kids AM - Vue Cinemas

Found 4th Apr 2011
Once again this list just shows a few cinemas but my local confirmed it will be nationwide.

Why see it?

You'll love it if... you're in the mood for a nutty take on the classic cartoon with animation and live action.

Sorry direct link not working for some reason

Booking on : 22nd April, 23rd April, 24th April & 25th April


Good price,terrible movie.

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It's great for kids, and the big ones too, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

doesn't seem to be booking at all cinemas yet

It's Megamind all this week at most Vues. Dawntreader at Odeon. Despicable Me and Megamind at Cineworld. Check your local one for times though as not all cinemas participate. HTH.

Narnia Dawntreader is really good - I liked it more than the first two. You can't beat a good quest movie.
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