Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano  - ALL 7 TRACKS - 40p @ hmvdigital

Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano - ALL 7 TRACKS - 40p @ hmvdigital

Found 27th Jul 2010Made hot 27th Jul 2010
I know it has already been posted that all top 40 tracks are 40p at the moment at hmvdigital (http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/hmv-digital-download-singles-top-40/726805)

I've just noticed if you click on this one it has all the different versions of the songs at 79p each but you can buy the whole album for 40p, that's less than 6p per track! Won't be to many people's taste but just thought I'd point it out!


its not an album-its a single with endless versions of the same song.

cant deny its a good price,but I hate this song

This song does my flipping nut in, so does the video, why the hell is it so popular? It's utterly shocking?

EDIT : I'd also like to point out that I still think this is a good price, whether or not I like the product regardless, heat and rep added! ...ok, no rep anymore...my bad :')

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Well I for one like it and am very grateful for the tip off - all 7 versions for 40p - nice one

well i love this song, memories of Ibiza...


does it come with a free gun and bullet?

I think i heard a shot from DjRhys....8)

reminds me of Malia, love it.
Ok dont listen to it in your bedroom but when thousands of people groove to this on some island in the med its awesome.

only heard it for the first time on friday, did my nut in!!! now the scatman there a tune :P

never mind yolanda heres yomanda with a proper chhhoooooooonnn!!
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it WAS a good tune that was all over the Med...now it's resigned to being played out of Chav's phones on the bus/train.......

hype choon fam. Shame I paid more than 40p for it

oh wait I didnt

Nice one OP

Can't resist at 40p, I love the tune anyways

Cheers, just bought it, the Kids love it!!
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