Yoostar 2 PS3 £1.70 / Xbox360 £2.44 delivered (fullfilled by) Amazon

Yoostar 2 PS3 £1.70 / Xbox360 £2.44 delivered (fullfilled by) Amazon

Found 21st Dec 2012
Yoostar 2 can be appealing in the same way going out to a karaoke bar can be. It's silly, it's embarrassing, but it can also be quite a bit of fun if you're surrounded by friends. You just let yourself go and you really get into it.

For £1.70 enjoy its wackiness for a couple of hours with your buddies, then get back to spending your time and money on deeper games.
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I hear that lighting issues ultimately ruin this potentially funny game?

Anyone think it's still a waste of money or worth a punt at this price?
At this price and with a bunch of friends is couple of hours of fun.
Yeah definitely worth it for this price. A party game for sure. Can't imagine playing solo unless you're a thespian. lol
We had a short sesson yesterday, good fun.
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