Yorkshire Tea 240 Bags Reduced to £4 @ Sainsburys

Yorkshire Tea 240 Bags Reduced to £4 @ Sainsburys

£4£5.7530%Sainsbury's Deals
Found 10th Apr 2018
Proper Tea No One Cup Nonsense £4 at Sainsburys.


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Nice find. 50p cheaper than lidl and 75p cheaper than Iceland.
Good price and tends to be what the 240 bags are on offer for from time to time so voting hot. Only beaten if they do the 480 giant bags for £6 or £7.
there are a few on offer in Tesco pg tips 200 for £2.80
Have they changed? I had a cup of yorkshire tea recently and it wasnt as nice as I remembered.
Hi, Morrison’s have also dropped them to £4 for a 240 box,
Tesco recently had the 240 bags for £4 and the 160+80 Free for £5.40 right next to each other on the shelf, easily intermixing the two.
Identical sized box (from Yorkshire's tea final packing perspective) except for the yellow print on the side, £1.40 price difference.

Tesco is like walking around a Casino, ready to trick you out of your hard earned cash at every turn, (if you aren't eagle-eyed -careful). Items that are £1-£3, vary by up to £1-£2 depending on what week you turn up.

Don't get me started on the con that Twinnings do, selling 100 Everyday teabags for an (inflated) £5 - 50% of the time, £3 the other 50% of the time, that is tarted around all Supermarkets, at different times. Complicit offer price fixing.
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Still 5.75 ( shelf sticker and at till)in my sainsburys ( full size store)
Still full price at Sainsbury's I've just been too (Derby, Wyvern). Will check out Morrison's. thanks for heads up
A good offer in so far as it goes, but Sainsburys them selves tell me don't waste your time trying their mini market stores
If you haven't got a proper Sainsbury's or Asda. B and M have 210 in total in the box for £4:50. As on 14Th April
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