Yorkshire Tea - 240 pack - £2.00 instore @ Tesco

Yorkshire Tea - 240 pack - £2.00 instore @ Tesco

Found 20th Jan 2010
Probably the nicest tea there is and a damn fine price on it. On a standard pricing label too, this wasn't labelled as an offer.

Bought a couple of boxes myself at Roneo Corner Tescos near Romford, so would need someone elsewhere to confirm if this is nationwide or just a pricing error in that store.


My favourite tea as well although I usually buy the ones for hard water. Good price :thumbsup:

This is good price for the pack of 240. if you look there is another 50p off in yorkshire tea in tesco magzine. That will bring this to £1.50.;-)

Top price for top tea...........Hot

Sorry but just got back from Tescos and bought 240 Yorkshire Tea. I remember seeing this thread and looked out for them. They were reduced from £5.76 to £4. Not remembering what the price listed here was, I bought anyway as I needed tea.

Just double checked reciept and I was charged £4.

Can't be a nationwide offer Still, £4 ain't too bad.

can any one confirm is its £2 or £4 please

Says £4 online...

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Checked again today, still £2 at my Tescos. :-D
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