Yorkshire Tea 240's £2.87 / Tassimo Carte Noire £1.58 + LOADS MORE @ Tesco In-Store

Yorkshire Tea 240's £2.87 / Tassimo Carte Noire £1.58 + LOADS MORE @ Tesco In-Store

Found 30th Jun 2010
Reduced To Clear Checkout Your Local

Loads Of Others Reduced Too Here Are A Few :-

Yorkshire Tea 80's Now £1.14
Tesco Tea Bags 240's Now £1.75
PG Tips Pyramid Decaff 160's Now £2.25
PG One Cup 100's Now £1.67
Lift Lemon Tea Now 59p
Douwe Egberts Senseo Decaff Coffee Pods Now £1.17
Tesco Cappuccino Coffee Sachets 10's Now 59p
Tesco Mocha Coffee Sachets 10's Now 70p
Tesco Finest Brazillian Coffee 100g Now £1.39
Kenco Rappor Coffee 100g Now £1.05
Mellow Birds Coffee 200g Now £1.59
Galaxy Instant Dark Hot Choc 300g Now £1.14
Maltesers Hot Choc 300g Now £1.04
Aero Instant Mint Choc Drink Now £1.17
Skinny Cow Hot Choc Sachet Now 10p
Twinings Lux Choc Drink 350g Now £1.54
Galaxy Hot Choc Bliss 400g Now £1.39
Ovaltine Orig 500g Now £1.49
Tassimo Cappuccino Now £1.87
Tesco French Ground Coffee 454g Now £1.81

Loads More But Got Fed Up Writting It All Down (and some funny looks)
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I'm surprised people aren't showing more interest in this deal. To add to your list, I posted the following in the Redbush thread earlier today.

80 Tesco Organic Teabags - 79p
160 Tesco Finest Fairtrade Teabags - £1.59
227g Tesco Finest Java Sumatra Ground Coffee - £1.34

Just on my way there now, thnx for this :thumbsup:
Yorkshire tea.....How tea used to be:-D
Tassimo pods back to normal price today.
Short dates on them?
Not nationwide.

Short dates on them?Not nationwide.

The packs of French Coffee I got have expiry dates of June 2011 and the Redbush Teabags I got have an expiry date of February 2012, so no, not short dates.

Going by the range of people who cashed in on this I think it was national and maybe it was to do with some form of stock reduction by Tesco. In Axminster today, the French Coffee and Redbush Teabags were back up to full price, but there were still a few teas at half price.

I think the key was to act quickly and the deal had been on for at least two days before it was posted on here.

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