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Get outdoors this half term with our FREE activity pack!
Found 24th Oct 2017Found 24th Oct 2017
Get outdoors this half term with our FREE activity pack!
Request a free activity pack for a chance to win! Our reservoirs are surrounded by beautiful Yorkshire countryside, they’re right on your doorstep and are totally FREE to get… Read more

Requested mine a couple of weeks ago, it arrived a week later. Half-term is next week, so got it in plenty of time :)


Not everywhere in Yorkshire. Mine been off all week and back on Monday.


Schools are off next week up here in Yorkshire


Alright. Calm down., (lol)


What a waste of time that is you don't get the pack until half term has finished !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yorkshire water rates reductions
Found 25th Oct 2015Found 25th Oct 2015
Yorkshire water rates reductions
This is a hard one to give figures on as I have no idea what the range of reductions are, I can tell you that my own bill was reduced from £68 to £25 pm , it's hard to find exact… Read more

Worked for me - thank you very much for the info..


​I think they must just put you in the scheme that best suits you as I have two adult children living with me and as I said still got a great reduction. Its certainly a nice sum of money to save. Glad it worked out for you.


Thankyou so much, just phoned them and a lovely lady took £291 off my bill so I've only got £6 left to pay this year. Thankyou for posting. She said you can earn up to £24,000 including your working tax credits with 3 or more children and apply.


Cool, glad it was of help


Rang them Monday to enquire about water support, took my number and said they'd call me within 5 days. Rang me back today to ask my income - put me on hold for 2 minutes then told me I qualify so they owe me £216.00 and my annual bill is reduced by £214 to £362. Thank You op , as a full time working single parent I usually miss out as am normally just over the threshold - so glad you took time to post.

Free products from Yorkshire water
Found 24th Oct 2013Found 24th Oct 2013
Free products from Yorkshire water
Free birds fat cake maker for Yorkshire water, when you fill in your details you can choose from 3 products a stop tap tag, bird fat cake maker or a water flush saver theses option… Read more

Jincyrobin I found this offer when someone from Trent water posted their freebies I am sure if you go to your region you will find some freebies there.


Well...only for yorkshire water customers... :( not a deal for me...


Thanks for requesting one of our free items. We're only able to send these to our customers; if you live outside of our catchment we can't process your order. If you qualify, your item will be posted to you shortly.

free Fat Cake making kit for Yorkshire water customers.
Found 18th Sep 2013Found 18th Sep 2013
free Fat Cake making kit for Yorkshire water customers.
FREE Fat Cakes for Yorkshire water customers. Heard an advert on Minster FM for these today. That's right folks, you can request a free Fat Cake making kit and do your bit to fee… Read more
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Have just ordered mine. I am usually lucky when I send for things from Yorkshire Water I usually receive them pretty quick.


I ordered one last year, waited about a month it didn't come, ordered another, and another. Then a couple of moths later all 3 turned up at once!


Do they do a Fat-Berg making kit as well?


Ordered before didn't receive anything


Cheers OP!

Free Yorkshire Water 'Water Saving Pack'
Found 13th Jun 2013Found 13th Jun 2013
Free Yorkshire Water 'Water Saving Pack'
Includes: - 1.2L Save-A-Flush - ShowerSave - Tap inserts - Four minute shower timer - Leaflet ***only available to Yorkshire Water Supply customers***
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covered here https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/free-pack-water-saving-utilities-for-various-regions-supplier-1577546

Free Fat Cakes from Yorkshire Water
Found 26th Mar 2013Found 26th Mar 2013
Free Fat Cakes from Yorkshire Water
Freebie fat cake kit from yorkshire water, listed under kids cos it is an activity to do with them, mixing the fat with the seeds and watch the birds coming to ur garden to feed! Y… Read more

Wrong time of year for fat balls and seeds as there no good for chicks, put out meal worms for the young birds as these are perfect


Aint nobody got time for dat!


That's what I thought too. But it is lunchtime and I've got the rumble-tums!


I had to read on to see if this was a cake free of fat or a 'free' fat cake... too curious to let it go lol


excellent thanks, heat added! xx

free water saving pack from Yorkshire Water
Found 27th Feb 2013Found 27th Feb 2013
free water saving pack from Yorkshire Water
hopefully they will reduce my bill now. i am not on a meter tho so we will see

Don't quite understand your comment - how does using less water allow Yorkshire Water to make more profit? (Am I missing something?)


they charge a fortune for their water :( fitting these devices only allows them to make more profit !!! I'm not on a meter and save water anyway for the environment but Y Water should reduce my bill if I use these devices - I pay £450 a year and going up in April - not a happy bunny !!!

free water saving pack @ yorkshire water. Free deal back on,
Found 21st Mar 2012Found 21st Mar 2012
free water saving pack @ yorkshire water. Free deal back on,
free water saving stuff for Yorkshire water customer's. The egg timer looks a good idea for the teenage hour long shower. :) Thanks for showing an interest in our free water sav… Read more
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they should do a timer for the timer, to see how long it stays on the wall.X)


Got this free from Thames last week - It's actually pretty interesting how long showers can be...or not be Only issue with this is that it never stays on the tile for more than a couple of hours Last thing you want is something like that to drop into a bath at 3am :- )

FREE Fat Cakes for Yorkshire Water Customers
Found 10th Mar 2012Found 10th Mar 2012
FREE Fat Cakes for Yorkshire Water Customers
FREE Fat Cakes for Yorkshire water customers. Heard an advert on Minster FM for these today. That's right folks, you can request a free Fat Cake making kit and do your bit to fee… Read more
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been out ages got mine last year,but still a good deal


Sent a request - thanks!


Thank you - requested one for the kids x x


Must be too late for me, I read the title as Fake cats..!


Thanks, I did try and put it into freebies but it wouldn't let me, even when I went onto the freebies tab.

Freebies Only For Yorkshire Water Customers @ Yorkshire Water
Found 13th Dec 2011Found 13th Dec 2011
Freebies Only For Yorkshire Water Customers @ Yorkshire Water
Open the link in 1st comment, + click on " Free Stop Tap Tag" about half way down the page. + Fill in your details, you could also separately choose other freebies which are, Fat… Read more

yorkshire yorkshire yorkshire


Click Here Free water Saving Pack Free Fat Cakes

Free Water Saving Pack  @ Yorkshire Water
Found 17th Nov 2011Found 17th Nov 2011
Free Water Saving Pack @ Yorkshire Water
Just Place An Order For This Free pack, Delivered Within 28 Days Direct Link Below, Note: Only For Yorkshire Water Customers!

Great, ordered the winter pack too. I don't live in Yorkshire anymore, but getting it sent to my parents!


Great thanx


Direct Link Here

Free winter protection kit for Yorkshire water customers
Found 17th Oct 2011Found 17th Oct 2011
Free winter protection kit for Yorkshire water customers
Pipe lagging, cable ties and an outdoor tap stormguard cover.

Thanks OP - the tap protector is back in stock too now, so am really happy we've managed to order the full set.


ordered thank you OP (_;)


Ordered great


Out of stock when you click on it - only the pipe lagging available now


Excellent, ordered, thanks!

Free Fat Cake Making Kit @ Yorkshire Water
Found 14th Feb 2011Found 14th Feb 2011
Free Fat Cake Making Kit @ Yorkshire Water
That's right folks, you can request a free Fat Cake making kit and do your bit to feed our little feathered friends*. The Fat Cakes come with everything you need to make up a tas… Read more
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Thanks worth a try


Offer only available to Yorkshire Water customers


tryed this today you never know we may get it


[image missing]


Let's see if they deliver to Stoke on trent as I've just ordered....Cheers

Yorkshire Water - Free Stuff!
Found 11th Aug 2010Found 11th Aug 2010
Yorkshire Water - Free Stuff!
This is my first post, so go easy on me! This is anybody living in the Yorkshire Water region.. Basically, it's free water and money saving devices. You can get a flushsaver, E.O.N… Read more

Yeah but it's better than nothing and free


if you have a nine or twelve litre cistern its a poor substitute as it only saves one litre per flush. best to try and get it converted to a dual flush. its very simple to do.


Applied for this weeks ago and still heard nothing. A substitute for the flush saver is fill a 1 litre plastic bottle with water and put it in the cistern.

Various FREE water saving offers from Yorkshire Water
Found 31st Jul 2010Found 31st Jul 2010
Various FREE water saving offers from Yorkshire Water
Thanks for showing an interest in our free water saving packs. We'll be sending these out to customers from the 16th August 2010 but you can pre-order yours today. Simply select th… Read more

thnx, i ordered a free electric pack from eon about 1month ago n im still waiting but they did send me an email saying it has been delayed


many thanks. let hope it arrives.


cheers 8)


Many thanks, ordered various! :)


Thanks so much just ordered mine... like the idea of a shower timer :)

Hand Pump Pressure Washer with Free 60cm Lance extension £31.98 del @ Yorkshire Water
Found 3rd Apr 2010Found 3rd Apr 2010
Hand Pump Pressure Washer with Free 60cm Lance extension £31.98 del @ Yorkshire Water
Use code YWH022 to get this price. The Hand Pump Pressure Washer is the most versatile water-saving product weve come across. It relies neither on electricity nor a hosepipe, so y… Read more

you just know this is going to be crap


looks a good idea but should be about £20 max..


Are these water companies not ripping us off enough:x


Exactly the same as a fence panel sprayer which are typically between £10-£15. The reviews say it all.

Free fat trap from Yorkshire Water
Found 1st Oct 2009Found 1st Oct 2009
Free fat trap from Yorkshire Water
Numptee has recently got himself some free Fattraps which he uses to soak up kitchen fats and grease instead of putting them down the sink. Order yours for free today - for Yorksh… Read more

http://www.yorkshirewater.com/bin-it.aspx select the fattrap tab Click the orange/red "Click here to order yours". Select fattrapp from the SUBJECT dropdown box.


nice one ... shame i have to find my bill to get the details from it.


here's the direct link https://www.ywsonline.co.uk/internet/CCD.nsf/fge?openform&FormName=Stop%20Tap%20Tag

Save £100's - Yorkshire Water Plumbing and Drainage Cover HomeServe - £23.88 For a Year
Found 16th Feb 2009Found 16th Feb 2009
Basically we are doing this. For £23.88 for the year, you can claim blocked drains and they will unblock/plumb etc. For the first 14 days you aren't covered to stop people claiming… Read more

Oh it's a lot later than that for some... there might even be some that still do, although I can't imagine many now! Certainly 10/12 years ago I knew a couple that still did.


Well I am not old enough to remember when councils cleared drains for householders it must be before 1978 when I was first discovered the world of drains and sewers


I didn't say otherwise! I was referring to DRAINS... see, even you are mixing them two up, and you do know the score! :whistling: Illustrates what a pain it all is. What worries me, it might become a bigger pain if the proposed change-over is as badly reasoned out as some recent legislation. Maybe they will slip it in as part of anti-terrorism proposals! :w00t:


This deal is like most insurance policies. You only find out the problems when you try to make a claim. It's a long time since local councils unblocked sewers. When Water Authorities were set up some councils continued to do it on an agency basis. Then it was taken in house by the water authorities and then out sourced to term contractors. But as you say they are very reluctant to a length of pipe is their responsibility. I did work briefly for a local authority of a new town where they had endless problems with private sewers and they did as part of the investigation clear blockages effective a "free" service . But if there was a defect or a recurring blockage they did serve notices and recover costs. Why it has taken so long to get the government to act is as you say that ofwat will not allow bills to rise. It can only be a guess as to the cost of maintaining the 1000's of Km of extra sewers. And small drain companies would go out of business as the WA would give the work to their term contractor. I recently visited someone who had an insurance from Severn Trent and it covered just the water supply pipe and not the drains. It was £17 a year. They had a long front garden and the pipe was still lead so it seemed like a reasonable amount compared to the cost if the pipe did start to leak


Well that's the bit that is more likely to BE their job, although of course not with more modern houses. In the past many local Authorities did simple drain clearing on the rates, (and a lot of hassles it saved too!) but I am not sure that many do now (lets be honest, even getting a bin emptied in some LAs is a challenge these days!)- I was rather under the impression that drain clearing was avoided by most W.A.s like the plague, and most adopt an attitude of "it's your problem" until you can prove it is a defect in their part of the system. That said, as it isn't a national system, it does vary a lot, and even from one depot to another! It gets very difficult when Private Sewers need any amount of work, and the administrative headache costs local authorities money to sort out, (even for something as simple as a new manhole cover!) as well as coming as a HUGE shock in some cases to householders. The proposed arrangements will undoubtedly sort some of those problems out, but the Water Companies' shareholders are going to be wanting some commitment from Government to PAY for it all, and with Water Regulators preventing them putting bills up, they are going to expect to be allowed to make a significant increase in water costs to cover it otherwise.