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Yo! Sushi - Kids eat free this Christmas from 21 Dec 2018 - 6 Jan 2019 (Minimum £10 adult spend)
LocalLocalFound 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
Kids eat free this Christmas from 21 Dec 2018 - 6 Jan 2019.
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Cold i want to eat free bugger the kids! Only joking good find op heat added.


Didnt see that offer up on Bromley today.


Not just us then. Went here for a birthday treat and both kids hated it (horror) It isn't like they aren't used to many different food types, they've liked everything we've ever tried except this. Good deal if your kids do like it though.


Under 12s and not at certain locations.....ah well if I could only get into my old scout uniform 😄


Sorry found it have go to UK site then offers page

New UniDays Perk - 25% At Yo-Sushi
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
Yo-Sushi is now on unidays :)

Will this work with online orders?


This isn't that good actually, yo sushi is expensive, and used to do a 30% off student discount, so this is worse 😣


How do you get unidays without a college or uni email? I’ve got an apprentice NUS through work and I’m slowly losing all my discounts


25% is crazy good for a student discount. Sushi tho is not really a student dish.

Kids Eat Free This October Half Term at Yo! Sushi (15th Oct – 2nd Nov)
Refreshed 19th Oct 2018Refreshed 19th Oct 2018
Download Kids Menu Offer is valid for children aged 12 and under with accompanying adult(s) spending a minimum of £10 on dine in food and drink.For every adult who spends £10, one … Read more

j'adore the name!


You'll be extremely lucky (and cautious) spending £10 each at Yo Sushi. If you're not too hungry, I'd say average spend £15/person. If you're hungry, honestly, don't even think of going to Yo Sushi because you will pay A LOT! :D


OK, so for two kids you have to spend £20 to qualify for the promo. hmm no thanks.




Poor pescetarian options for the kids mains. I'll just take them to KFC!

Yo! Sushi Mon-Fri 45 plates to choose from, incl veggie/vegan options
Found 5th Oct 2018Found 5th Oct 2018
Simply turn up at most Yo! Sushi restaurants Monday to Friday, pick any dish from the strangely-named 'Sushi Virgins' menu and pay only £2.90 per dish until Fri 12 Oct. The off… Read more
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I've not been back since they got rid of "Sunday Munch". Far too expensive now :(


Spicy pepper vegan squid!


Omg the spicy pepper squid is to die for.


Can never say no to Yo Sushi deals mmmmm

Yo! Sushi £1 menu - 1 item per customer until the 26th of September.
LocalLocalFound 12th Sep 2018Found 12th Sep 2018
Today Yo! Sushi are launching a £1 menu. It's limited to 1 item per customer but has some decent things on the select menu (personally I'm a big fan of the Beef Nigiri!). Should m… Read more

The problem is the rest of the bill.


You get one dish for £1 the rest you pay full price for.


So am I being dense... Or does this mean its literally only 1 £1 dish per person per visit or does it mean something else I'm missing!!?? Xx


That's fair enough but do they serve big bowls of chips there ;)


Yo Sushi is nice to begin with, but go to a proper Japanese restaurant and you will get 1000 times better food!

Kids eat free with every adult spending £10+ @ Yosushi ( till 2nd September )
LocalLocalFound 16th Aug 2018Found 16th Aug 2018
Kids eat free with every adult spending £10+ @ Yosushi ( till 2nd September )
FREE£5.95Yo Sushi Deals
Say goodbye to HANGRY Kids at YO! this August, they letting them eat for FREE. Order a Mini Ninja Meal Deal and they knock it off the bill, so you can enjoy one more plate! … Read more
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My 2 boys (ages 6 & 9) love sushi, though not wasabi. They tend to go for the raw fish from the conveyor. Can get quite expensive though as bill generally comes to about £60 (and that's including the NUS discount). We also get the £40 take away platter every now and again which is quite good value.


Actually my daughter asked to go here for her birthday lunch last year but I used my defense discount to get 25% off total bill which works out better!


Many a time have my kids pestered me for a special treat of raw fish and wasabi.


The ASA needs to get involved on this. 'Kids eat free', I would expect my kid to be able to eat from the conveyor belt not from some unknown kids menu. Misleading much?

20% off Yo Takeaway (Instore only)
Found 5th May 2018Found 5th May 2018
20% off Yo Takeaway (Instore only)
Got an email for 20% off this weekend. Yo's prices are a rip off so this somewhat eases the pain. I've had loads of bad experiences with the Belfast branch (but never the Dublin on… Read more
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Free Blue Plate Yo Sushi on orders over £10
LocalLocalFound 15th Jan 2018Found 15th Jan 2018
Free Blue Plate Yo Sushi on orders over £10
Free blue plate on orders worth £10 or over

I like my sushi cooked medium rare...... And made from a cow..


I misread that as "Blue Planet" sushi. Unlikely tie-up.


Got this email too. Valid only for today


Welcome to the forum @aerin888 and thanks for taking the time to share this offer :)

Pick from 47 dishes all for just £2.80 each @ Yo! Sushi
Found 4th Jan 2018Found 4th Jan 2018
Pick from 47 dishes all for just £2.80 each @ Yo! Sushi
JANUARY SALE Who says January has to be the most depressing month of the year? We're making it a month of opportunities at YO! VIEW MENU Try our £2.80 menu with something to satis… Read more

Its nice enough but quality has definately gone down and price gone up... last couple of times its like its there first day the roll is so loose its a mess. Student Discount isnt far off the price generally.


For me it is still quite steep, 15 dishes gets into substantial spending


Used to worked there years ago and then worked worked next to yo sushi for next 5 years. Quality of food has gone down, prices have gone up (from expensive to very very expensive), stuff like chicken/pumpkin katus, gyozas, all come frozen. Someone I worked with named Yo Sushi quite accurately as Asian McDonald's. Cant recommend!


Likewise, Sumo Sundays.


i remember the days where blue mondays used to be £2 the good old days lol

Yo Sushi Sunday Munch - 10 plates for £20 every Sunday!
Found 5th Feb 2017Found 5th Feb 2017
10 plates for £20 every Sunday! Every Sunday, you can enjoy 10 plates and unlimited Miso Soup for just £20 per person ALL DAY! Simply choose plates from the belt or order from a … Read more

In St Paul's a purple plate is £4.70... maximum saving. So your right, getting a £2.30 plate for £2.00 would to be a waste of time! We were happy with the purple plates :p https://yosushi.com/food


You assuming I want all orange £4.30 plates. If I wanted to mix it with some £2.30 ones your maths doesn't work?!


Well 5 dishes is £23.50 and 7 is £32.90 - if they say you must have 10 then grab 3 off the belt for and pay £20 :p


£20 + £10 + £10 = £40 which is exactly what I paid - Free Green Tea for drinks...


Would have not have been cheaper to take the offer? 20 dishes between 1 adult and 2 kids would have only been £40. Works out at £2 a dish which is great value.

Yo Sushi - Yo Festival 48 dishes £2.80 each
Found 4th Jan 2017Found 4th Jan 2017
Yo Sushi - Yo Festival 48 dishes £2.80 each
Yo Festival is back for this month! 48 different dishes for £2.80 each, including my personal favourite, chicken katsu curry! :) Full list here: https://yosushi.com/application/fi… Read more

Nice deal I like Takoyaki :)


​although technically raw, the sashimi used has been deep frozen to -18 degrees for a period of time long enough to kill 99.9% of all bacteria prior to it being served so it is highly unlikely you'll have any problems, well, no more than you would any other food outlet anyway. most common cause of food poisoning is contamination from an external source during prep, not the food itself so don't be put off by the fact it's raw. I quite enjoy watching the staff prepare the dishes in Yo, it's a bit of an art and gives me confidence that the prep is clean.


Thanks :)


The average per person seems to be around 4-6 plates of various types of food. Yo Sushi is like the cheapo option for Japanese food though - if you're really into Japanese food then it would barely satisfy needs. Then again, Yo Sushi targets a largely Western audience. When I'm there I tend to just get a Chicken Katsu Curry plus a couple of the cheap side dishes as there aren't a lot of ramen options to choose from.


How many dishes do you normally eat at once? Curious, never been before. Meh, I would have assumed squirting liquid from 'funny tummy'.

Eat as much Miso soup as you like £2.20 Yo Sushi
Found 3rd Nov 2016Found 3rd Nov 2016
Eat as much Miso soup as you like £2.20 Yo Sushi
Miso soup is unlimited in yo sushi, Contains wakame, spring onion and tofu

A Clanger


Who the hell eats soup?




It is, it is


Wow, who knew! Wouldn't it be great if the green tea was also unlimited?

Yo Sushi! Dishes at up to 40% off during January
Found 27th Jan 2016Found 27th Jan 2016
Yo Sushi! Dishes at up to 40% off during January
Only a couple of days left to take advantage of this, but thought it worth a mention. Pick any blue plate from the conveyor belt and pay just £2.70 per dish Valid: Monday to Frid… Read more

You are partially right, it is not only the blue dishes in the sense you stated, there are many green dishes, purpl, orange and pink dishes placed onto blue dishes to offer better value for money. for example, a blue plate of edemame beans portion will be increased in size, same as maki etc. you can get a chicken katsu, chicken salad, and plenty of other dishes are better rates.


Only certain dishes are in this offer. Only the blue dishes are on the belt others can be ordered at the normal price.

YO SUSHI 50 plate challenge 50% off food bill!
Found 2nd Sep 2015Found 2nd Sep 2015
YO SUSHI 50 plate challenge 50% off food bill!
I got this email today, you can get 50% off foodbill if you can eat 50 plates between either 1 or 2 people..you have to be a member to take part in the offer..to become a member is… Read more

rank sushi avoid


This deal should read more like 'spend a shed load on dinner and get 50% off.


Had a wonderful deep fried fish in breadcrumbs today. Very large, very crispy, and very tasty. Total cost £3.10 (to takeaway and eat in the sun). Now that's what I call a fish deal.


the cheek if its a challenge it should be free if you do it!


Fishy deal ?

yosushi free Miso Soup 9th July @  yosushi London restaurants
Found 9th Jul 2015Found 9th Jul 2015
yosushi free Miso Soup 9th July @ yosushi London restaurants
FED UP WITH LONDON TUBE STRIKES? We are too, so we're giving away free Miso Soups All day today, 9th July, you can grab a free Miso Soup in our London restaurants. Quote 'MISO L… Read more

First I have to get there the buses are full, problems on the roads, oh I could walk some 5 miles to be near one.... I give it to Yo-Sushi for coming up with this... hope others follow suit.... heat from me...


Much better for all workmen in London to tell their bosses at work that their bosses can command them to work nights as and when the companies needed them to provide service to the customers for business sake. Common you workmen and professionals who are hacked off about the strikes go to tell your bosses that you want the same treatment as tube drives, you , bank, government, social services,airports, doctors , surgery, library, pubs, restaurants... all want to work 24 hours, nights and weekends. Miso late all round for free daily!


Title should be changed to Yo! Sushi to avoid mis-reading it as a character from Super Mario World(!) ;)


Read that as Yoshi soup. Heat added, thanks


Was just gonna post this too!

Cheap Wine / Champage at Yo! Sushi - 200ml Moet £2.50
Found 13th Apr 2015Found 13th Apr 2015
Cheap Wine / Champage at Yo! Sushi - 200ml Moet £2.50
Not certain it's national, confirmed in Sheffield Meadowhall store. Yo! sushi are no longer selling champagne so are clearing their stock at the "Blue Plate" price I bought 7 bot… Read more

It's a viable deal to check for in other stores, or, go buy all the wine from the Meadowhall store. Oink because I'm a swine :)




Not if it's in other stores..... oink.


Booooo! Cold.


Cold cos you gobbled it all you swine.

big hero six wristbands at yo sushi in Liverpool.
LocalLocalFound 30th Mar 2015Found 30th Mar 2015
big hero six wristbands at yo sushi in Liverpool.
Free rubber wristbands by the till at yo sushi in Liverpool. Different characters and colours, girl told us to take as many as we like . also they gave us a free cooler bag for our… Read more

I think its a good post, may have asked for some if I was going into town (liverpool)


Yeah you're right sorry don't know why I bothered


So it's not really a 'freebie' then is it because you spent a fiver to get the stuff...


No they're nothing to get excited about, thought I'd share as I spent less than £5 and got some free wristbands and a cooler bag from the Liverpool branch.


I had a meal in Yo Sushi yesterday at a different branch and the kids got a wristband as part of their Bento box meal. To be honest it's just a rubber wristband nothing to write home about and I'd imagine that they probably wouldn't just be given out for free in most branches. The wristband just looks like something you might find in a poundshop, maybe if you are a *massive* Big Hero 6 fan you might get exited by it.

Yo Sushi January Sale £2.50 a plate!
Found 7th Jan 2015Found 7th Jan 2015
Yo Sushi January Sale £2.50 a plate!
50 dishes at only £2.50 a plate each, including a beer and wine. Starts 5th Jan for Monday til Friday dining only! Promotion valid from 5th Jan 2015 to 23rd Jan 2015 Every bl… Read more

It states in the terms and conditions; off the conveyor belt only. So orders made are full price. Which is ridiculous. Cold from me.


Does this include pure sashimi dishes? Cold from me, as don't agree with the way it is served on conveyor belt..


Not a bad price but there are much better independent sushi houses to be found. Yo Sushi - BORING!


I thought they make everything fresh?


Unfortunately not, yo sushi never really combines promotions.

yo sushi sale £2.50 plates
Found 26th Aug 2014Found 26th Aug 2014
yo sushi sale £2.50 plates
All plates £2.50 off the conveyor belt only including Hoisin Duck Oishii bun / Teriyaki Mushroom Oishii bun, a 330ml bottle of Kirin and 175ml glass of Arium Shared Via The HUKD A… Read more

I love Yo Sushi so much


Can't beat a bit of blue lol


Terms and Conditions: Offer is valid off the conveyor belt only when you dine in at participating UK YO! Sushi restaurants. Every plate off the conveyor belt including our Hoisin Duck Oishii bun / Teriyaki Mushroom Oishii bun, a 330ml bottle of Kirin and 175ml glass of Arium is priced at £2.50 each. Offer valid at the following YO! Sushi restaurants, Monday to Friday (weekends are not included), from 1st September to 19th September: Aberdeen Bon Accord, Aberdeen Union Square, Baker Street, Bath Milsom Place, Bluewater, Bond Street, Brent Cross, Brighton, Bristol Cabot Circus, Bristol Cribbs Causeway, Cambridge, Cardiff St. Davids, Cheltenham, Cheshire Oaks, Chester, County Hall, Croydon HOF, Eden High Wycombe, Edinburgh Harvey Nichols, Exeter, Fenwick Newcastle, Finchley Road, Fulham Broadway, Glasgow HOF, Glasgow Silverburn, Guildford,Kingston, Lakeside, Leeds Harvey Nichols, Leeds Trinity, Leicester Highcross, Leicester Square, Liverpool ONE, London Waterloo, Manchester Arndale, Manchester Piccadilly, , Meadowhall Sheffield, MetroCentre Gateshead, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Piccadilly Circus, Plymouth, Portsmouth Gunwharf Quays, Reading HOF, Russell Square, Soho, Southampton WestQuay, Southbank Centre Festival Hall, St Pancras Station, St Paul's, Victoria Station, Windsor, York. Offer valid at the following YO! Sushi restaurants, Monday to Sunday, from 1st September to 21st September: London; Bayswater, Camden, Soho, and Whiteley Shopping. Offer valid on all dishes from the September Blues Sale menu (not applicable on miso, drinks - except for 330ml bottle of Kirin and 175ml glass of Arium wine - or on take-away.) Any hot/cold orders not available on the September Blues Sale menu will be charged at normal price. Offer not transferable or available in conjunction with any other offer (e.g. Student discount, Forces discount, birthday voucher) and there is no cash alternative. The only exception is September Blues Sale offer is available in conjunction with the O2 Priority Moments 'Oishii for £1' offer, this offer is only valid on EITHER Hoisin Duck Oishii bun OR Teriyaki Mushroom Oishii bun. YO! Sushi Manager's decision is final.


Even a dog would look away


Think they had this offer last year too. I only know this cos its our daughters favourite food & her birthday is in September. this is the only place she ever wants to go out to eat. (she's 10 next week ;-)