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Bluetooth Projector 4K with Tripod, YOTON Y6 Projector Native 1080P - w/Code & Voucher, Sold By Yoton Official FBA

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About this item
  • 🌟【Projector Native 1080P Full HD】 The YOTON Y6 projector 4K is an excellent device with 1920*1080 native resolution and 4K video transfer via HDMI. The home projector has 12,000 lumens high brightness and 10,000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio for clearer, brighter and more colorful images! (Tripod included in the package)
  • 🎞【Build Your Own Home Theatre】The projector 4K offers a display area of 40-200 inches and a projection distance of 1.4-6.5 m. The Y6 projector 4K is capable of playing 1080P movies and TV shows, and connecting to Fire TV via HDMI port makes it easy to create a private cinema at home. Enjoy private moments with the YOTON Y6 projector!
  • 🎦【Bluetooth 5.2 Technology】The YOTON Y6 projector 4K has built-in dual speakers, 3.5mm audio jack and the latest Bluetooth 5.2 chip, which can be paired with Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones and Soundbar via Bluetooth technology to enhance the sound quality and provide you with an immersive sound experience.(⚠️️Bluetooth does not support connection to mobile phones or computers)
  • 💻【Wide Compatibility and Multifunctionality】Yoton Y6 projector 4K has multi-device connectivity and is widely compatible with various smart devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, USB stick, TV boxes, and game consoles. Connect your favorite device anytime, anywhere and enjoy a diverse entertainment experience. (⚠️When connect with phones, an extra HDMI adapter (Not Included) is needed. Due to copyright of Apps, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc. can only play via TV Stick)
  • 💌【Excellent Service & 1-Year Warranty】 The YOTON Y6 projector team strives to provide high quality service and satisfying after-sales guarantee. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact YOTON official support team. 📧support@yoton.co

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  1. Leeabr101's avatar
    52772954-t4Fad.jpg52772954-36ank.jpgBought one of the cheap projectors from amazon on offer at £48. Have to say im pretty impressed. Got a free bluetooth speaker which is fine for what i need at the moment. Run it off my old PS4 so watch sky, netflix etc. decent picture despite projecting knto a grey coloured painted wall.
  2. World's avatar
    I had one of these same spec, native 1080p I paid £100 for it and used it for 4 years, for a cheap 100 inch projector it was absolutely fine and loved using it - course there’s far better and course you can drone on about colours and pixels but I bet your children won’t and they’re just be delighted to have a absolutely massive movie on the screen or wall.

    £55 for the experiences these can provide people and especially low income families is an absolute bargain.

    I could have afforded better the entire time but was genuinely just chuffed with it, I have now got really into it and subsequently spent a lot more money on a Native 4K one and a surround sound system which I love as well, but the experiences and memories I make now with my better system are no better then the cheaper system I had previously, the inner nerd in me is just a little more impressed, a few adult friends find it cool, my children found the surround sound cool for about a week and that’s about it.

    If you can’t be happy with what you have or make the most of it then you’ll never be happy - you’ll always be looking at the next best thing, maybe take note from your children if you are lucky enough to have some and remember what’s really important. (edited)
    Rysfurio's avatar
    Well said. I've just bought it for the kids for the garden and thought I'd share the deal and all that's happened is people coming on posting and moaning about it being rubbish. If they don't want one don't buy it and leave it at that. I've had cheap projectors before and they were fine. Like you say, some people can't afford high spec and high priced items.
  3. Rolefitleader's avatar
    Hi,I doubt this is native 1080p at this price, probably 720 at best
    nublets2k's avatar
    12000 lumens too, it's not even a realistic lie
  4. PatTheCat's avatar

    Our engine has profiled the reviewer patterns and has determined that there is high deception involved.
  5. adazza's avatar
    Just found a review
    RedXI's avatar
    That's just an unboxing, no review but still helpful.
  6. Fraser_Holloway's avatar
    I'd never buy a projector from a company that can't advertise their product honestly. This might support 4K as an input but it's certainly not a 4K display. It's also not 12,000 lumens and there's no mention of the ANSI brightness. It's a similar problem with flashlights tbh, and Chinese manufacturers consistently inflate their numbers because everyone else does.

    The Magcubic HY350 is around this pricepoint and is pretty honest with its specs. I have the HY320 which is pretty good, no idea how long it'll last but it's fine for casual use.
    sheffield788's avatar
    How many ANSI has yours, please, and can you only use it in dark rooms? Also, can you watch Netflix, Disney+, etc? Thanks a lot!
  7. Pájaro's avatar
    If anyone's looking at the reviews, do note that the positive ones are all by paid reviewers, and so aren't a reliable source of info or opinion.
  8. MakazoleMaquiqui's avatar
    The problem is that the best time of the year to sit outside and watch movies is also the time of year when the light goes down after 10
    Rysfurio's avatar
    Have you tried a alr screen for outside. Mine made a massive difference. I bought a 130" one for around £40 at the time. It's basically a big sheet of hi vis fabric but catches the light from the projector better when it's still light outside. Not in full sun but it worked for us for outdoor movie nights later on in the day. Colours are better too
  9. smudgemobile's avatar
    Congratulations on your 1st deal
    Daniel900's avatar
    Thanks so much
  10. hcc27's avatar
    If you can live with the larger size, grab a short throw 3LCD ex-classroom projector from Epson, NEC etc. from the bay. These were originally around the £2K price point, project a very large image from less than 1m away, are very bright at around 2000-3000 lumens (had to be for classroom use) and the lamp lasts thousands of hours with cheap replacements available for years. The resolution is only 720p but the quality and brightness will blow you away compared to cheap new projectors from unheard of brands.

    See a comparison here of how well the Epson EB-685WI performs against a modern megabucks 4K projector on a 92 inch image. A used 685 is around £150 on eBay.

    Fraser_Holloway's avatar
    I did this with some ultra-short throw projectors made by Smart (they made smart whiteboards). The quality is pretty great but they also weigh a tonne and rely on additional hardware. These Chinese projectors have questionable quality but it's interesting to see what they can achieve with more limited budgets. Hopefully we see them improve in the future.
  11. sheffield788's avatar
    12,000 lumens . I wonder why the well-known brands make 2-3k lumens projectors and the very few exceptions above 5k lumens cost a lot. My 1000 lumens LG is much brighter than my Chinese 3k lumens cheap projector. None of the listed specs are real at this price. My wife paid about £70 for that Chinese projector, and when I wanted to return it, they dropped the price to £25 so I would keep it. (edited)
    tomminator's avatar
    Which lg did you buy please what's the model number?
  12. Aiadi's avatar
    Great reviews, all paid for. Shame that Amazon allows this day time fraudulent behaviour by sellers.
  13. thedvdmonster's avatar
    lol o can’t believe people are voting this hot. The actually think they will be buying a 4k projector rather than a cheap Chinese product. 
  14. Wear_The_Fox_Hat's avatar
    Looks pretty good. Anyone here on HUKD got one already? Would you recommend?
  15. XP200's avatar
    This won't even be 1080p native, i should know, i bought one of these cheap 40 quid projectors, 720p native, but still, if all you want is a cheap big screen to watch some stuff on from a usb drive, these are fine for the price.
  16. 3DS's avatar
    These are 12,000 "lumens" and probably 400 ANSI lumens.
    timmeh's avatar
    15,000 Chinese lumens = 300 ANSI. I got a similar one for £70 and it was honest in the manual
  17. kenzo's avatar
    Yeh I hate to say it but this can’t be any good at all..u get what u pay for with projectors..and this is cheap!
    RedXI's avatar
    Can you recommend anything better at this price?
  18. Sixtyten's avatar
    You'd be better off with one of these52772239-mtfvK.jpg
  19. hiccup999's avatar
    Heat for a great first deal
  20. Temperance_Dave's avatar
    Heat looks good for the price
    Just need dark room and external speaker
  21. Sliwka's avatar
    It seems like this one ha e better contrast. Anyone can notice more differences? pl.aliexpress.com/ite…t=y

    Can you connect any speaker with Bluetooth? (edited)
  22. lumsdot's avatar
    ive had a similar 720p chinese led projector, they are fine if you watch in a dark room.

    dont expect great contrast so dark movies dont look great, bright cartoons etc look good
  23. Tom_PageqTS's avatar
    This will be rubbish, and probably burn through its own lens within 3 months.
  24. parwez's avatar
    More like
    12000 loo mens
  25. jaceyar's avatar
    What advantage is this over casting to your TV?
    KC30's avatar
    bigger picture size thats the only pro.

    Everthing else a massive negative
  26. CptHales's avatar
    I’m still waiting for the portable ones to drop in price. I have a cheap one from Amazon does the job keeps the kids happy ok for the garden.
    sheffield788's avatar
    I'm waiting since 3 years ago for the decent portable ones to drop in price, and no joy. I hardly came across any at under £350.
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