You Are What You Eat by Tanita Body Composition Monitor - £29.99 @ Argos
You Are What You Eat by Tanita Body Composition Monitor - £29.99 @ Argos

You Are What You Eat by Tanita Body Composition Monitor - £29.99 @ Argos

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# Black swirl composition monitor

# Toughened black swirl designed glass.

# Large 27mm back lit LCD display.

# Auto shut-off.

# Easy to use buttons for set-up and use.

# Capacity 150kg, 23st 8lbs.

# Athlete mode.

# Tanita advanced BIA body fat %.

# Body water.

# Muscle mass.

# Unique healthy range indicator for adults and children.

# Visceral fat.

# Family mode.

# 8 personal memories, guest mode and recall previous readings.

# Requires 4 x AA batteries (included).

# Low battery warning.

# (W)28, (D)29.5, (H)4cm.


Crazy - you need a machine to tell you you're fat.


Crazy - you need a machine to tell you you're fat.

with a name like moob this is the sort of thing you should find useful!
sometimes with dieting+training can be hard to gauge progress as weight could be water or muscle.

Sorry, but this item is not going to solve problems.
Machines such as this work by using electrical impedenace to gauge how much fat is in your body. Unfortunately, it has already been scientifically proven that this is not a particularly accurate measurement, although accuracy has improved over time. The only effective way of measuring is via water displacement (ie putting you in a tank of water).
This machine will assume you have a healthy level of water in your body. However, as your water levels fluctuate, this will be seen as a fluctuation in your body fat levels (due to the changes in impedance).
It also tells you bone mass, though this is a guess. Everything is done by you inputting your height and age, and then it uses these figures to guestimate various things depending on your impedance and weight at the time.
The bottom line is that it is not particularly accurate, and will only tell you what you already know ;o) If you are fat it will tell you, if you are skinny it will tell you.
But if you think it will give you daily updates which are accurate, then think again.

However, if you are willing to take it for what it is, then £30 is not a bad price

as i dont think there are many water displacement kits around for 30 i think that its acceptable to lose some accuracy and/or precision. The problem with the bone/muscle difference is still going to occur then anyway and then you introduce other errors by having people with different lungs capacities. Not sure on the bodywater% if volume inside is going to be exactly the same as outside so surely hydration levels would matter though less so.

These are a useful tool when used sensibly.
Everyone knows about the water level etc so its recommended that you do at a consistent time with a consistent level of hydration - ie not straight after meal/exercise/when feeling thirsty whatever.
The absolute value given is semi-irrelevant anyway as its the relative change over time which actually matters and is able to be monitored well with these.
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