YOU WANT ONE! Spud Gun was £1.50 now £1.00 @ Wilkinsons

YOU WANT ONE! Spud Gun was £1.50 now £1.00 @ Wilkinsons

Found 18th Dec 2013
Wilko Spud gun, shoots potato pellets, lots of shots from one potato!. WARNING Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision

****Please note: potato not supplied****
- tiberius101…gun
- biggysilly
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My son would love this
Good cheap fun. But I remember how much they used to hurt maybe because we were always a little too close when firing.
me and my bro had loads of these, those were the days, now its call of duty and bb guns oO
Be good for taking down the reindeer lovers
Memories of a happy childhood
You want a proper metal one, that fires caps and can be converted to a water pistol not some plastic thing.…uns

£2.47 delivered
Ah, this brings back memories. They don't hurt as much as BB's and potato is biodegradable too
Not much use firing mash though
These used to hurt!! Naughty boys at my school used to fire them. Not happy memories for me am afraid. But voted hot for the price!
no free potatoe ?
not much of a bargain then,i don,t think I,ll bother
If this deal really takes off, it might spark a potato famine!
Half penny saving. Hmmmm...
These guns are no laughing matter. RIP Mr Potato Head.
Hows this a deal? its only been reduced half a penny according to the OP
I forgot these things still existed, I used to love them as a kid. We'd use fairy liquid bottles for water guns as well...... cheap fun back in the them days, now kids want £400 xboxes.

You want a proper metal one, that fires caps and can be converted to a … You want a proper metal one, that fires caps and can be converted to a water pistol not some plastic thing.£2.47 delivered

+ 1. Couldn't agree more, so I've ordered two thank you.

Thanks to original op' too for bringing it to our attention!

Happy Christmas.
Link above is a gun based on the old Spudmatic of the late 70s / early 80s. They're crap tho. As soon as you put water in them they basically seize up. Stick with just spuds! They make your hand bloody sore too... :-( Still, gotta love it.
Vegetarian weaponry, what next !
Takes me back to primary school when the you had to be afraid whenever you saw the school git walking about with a spud.
does this work with smash potato?
At last, something to take care of Mr Potato Head once and for all
I'm not entirely sure what the price was meant to be before it dropped to £1....
Potato guns are fun, heat added
No Potato? Deal breaker for me. Still Voted Hot Potato!
That not a proper spud gun. You want one of these.…dge
Tats a good price.
Hot! I saw one very similar to this today in W.H.Smiths for £2.99 (I was a bit surprised oO to see one there).
same price in home bargains if you can't get to wilko
Is this a plastic one or is it the real-deal die-cast metal version that's so hard to come by nowadays?
I know what you're thinking, punk. You're thinking "did he fire six spuds or only five?" Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being this is a .44 spudgun, the most powerful spudgun in the world and will blow your spuds clean off, you've gotta ask yourself a question: "Do I feel like a bag of chips - or maybe just a flamedeer with a side salad ?"
Doesn't £100.50 seem a tad expensive for this?!
Haha, oh the memories this brings back to me!


no free potatoe ?not much of a bargain then,i don,t think I,ll bother

+1, for the Dan Quayle reference,

Spud gun? Pants, try one of these bad boys instead!

Potato Cannon!!!…q94
Spud gun much more effective when used with my depleted uranium potatoes....
sorry agree with someone earlier you want metal one they last forever and more powerful!
here £6.89 proper 5 in 1

plus you want paper caps as well
12 rolls of 100 caps on a roll £2.79 here

or for the more serious amount
144 rolls with 100 caps on a roll £11.40 here

and for those that want terrorise there mother when washing up with there back was turned not that i'm saying what i did as a boy
fun snaps £2.05 for 10 boxes of 50 a box here


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