Young Victoria - New Code
Young Victoria - New Code

Young Victoria - New Code

New dates added. I noticed at least a couple are earlier dates than the previous post a couple of weeks ago.

Code: TYV5614


Thank you, 2 for Brum x

Don't worry, nevermind! Just me being thick.

Got 2 for London :-D

Thanks OP!

Good find, heat added! Many Thanks!

Thank you, got two tickets to London!!

None locally for me :x, and would have probably liked to have seen this one

Just to make it a little easier for others here's a list of venues and times

ODEON Belfast - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Brighton, - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Bristol - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Edinburgh LR, - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Glasgow Braehead, - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Liverpool Switch Island - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Printworks Manchester, - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Mansfield - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Marble Arch - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Milton Keynes - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Norwich, - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON Sheffield, - 23/02/09 6:30pm
ODEON London, Wimbledon, - 23/02/09 6:30pm
VUE Bristol Cribbs Causeway - 23/02/09 6:30pm
VUE Birmingham - 23/02/09 6:30pm
VUE Leeds Light - 23/02/09 6:30pm
VUE Swansea - 23/02/09 6:30pm
VUE Islington - 23/02/09 6:30pm
VUE Greenwich - 23/02/09 6:30pm

Thank you, got 2 for Sheffield

You star! Got 2 for Manchester -unheard of...

thank you - amazing had some for cardiff but cant go so got some for Swansea
anyone want my cardiff ones

Got 2 for Manchester thanks :thumbsup:

Great just got 2 tix for Wimbledon :thumbsup:

:thumbsup:Nice one, 2 tickets for Birmingham H&R added

Me and a friend got 4 between us for Brighton - nice one thanks:thumbsup:

Got tickets, do they have a change of name email system similar to SSF?

cheers got 2 for edinburgh

thankyou, got 2 tickets for greenwich!!

None near me - but thanks anyway.

Thanks, got 2 for Leeds:-D

tnx ... got 2 for Islington ... h+r added

thanks... 2 for islington!!

got 2 for lpool

great two for birmingham thanks!


none near me, thanks any way and voted hot, well done to those that got tickets x

nice one. 2 for wimbledon thanks!

Thanks. 2 for Greenwich

Still tickets available. I just got 2 for Edinburgh, cheers. Heat added.

Brilliant, really wanted to see this, thanks :thumbsup:

is the brum one star city??

Thanks got 2 for Birmingham heat added:thumbsup:


Got 2 for Islington. I remember when I went to see Slumdog Millionaire, there was a trailer for the movie. I was hoping to get tix somehow.:p

2 for Uxbridge on Monday - Yippee!!


thank you - amazing had some for cardiff but cant go so got some for … thank you - amazing had some for cardiff but cant go so got some for Swanseaanyone want my cardiff ones

If possible


is the brum one star city??

Yes it is star city

is the one for belfast in victoria square?

The earlier posting screen date was 24th Feb 2009 FYI
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