Young's Admiral's Pie (340g) was £1.26  now 63p @ Morrisons

Young's Admiral's Pie (340g) was £1.26 now 63p @ Morrisons

Found 31st Mar 2011Made hot 31st Mar 2011
********Morrisons appear to be half price for all Young's fish products at the moment********

Young's Admiral's Pie (340g) was £1.26 now 63p
Young's Cod Steaks in Butter Sauce (4 per pack - 560g) was £3.99 now £1.99


The Admiral's pie ain't worth even 63p.

Give a small plate of sloppy mash to an Admiral and try and pass it off as a fish pie and you'll be walking the plank!

I wonder where they hide the fish, its all full of mash potatoes...

I bolster these with a handful of Prawns and some sweetcorn when I'm in a rush, they aren't bad.

Better and cheaper than a pot noodle, but light on fish.

Its nice mash tho

cant agree more the fish was non existant

Not worth it.........avoid

I've had these when they cost a £1 at Jack Fultons and they're fine. Of course they're more potato than fish but then that's what a fish pie is. If it was all fish and no potato it wouldn't be a pie!

had one last week and there was plenty of fish. was tasty too. good deal
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