YOUNGS FISH & CHIPS (not sure of size) *MISPRICE* Incorrectly scans @ 1p (YES 1p) @ Tesco
YOUNGS FISH & CHIPS (not sure of size) *MISPRICE* Incorrectly scans @ 1p (YES 1p) @ Tesco

YOUNGS FISH & CHIPS (not sure of size) *MISPRICE* Incorrectly scans @ 1p (YES 1p) @ Tesco

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we weren't allowed to buy any - i would have bought 100 and then still got 10% off!!!


the price WILL be fixed but hopefully some can avail.

(I think this is a nationwide error)


but you wasnt alloud to buy any so how correctly is this a deal? x

OH RIGHT !! lol sorry too early in morning understand now xxx

i assume OP is an employee

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as staff - who saw the girl questioning putting up a 1p SEL - she went and checked - and the product scanned at 1p. we were told we were to leave them and checkouts were not to sell them to staff.


by the way - there was another mis-price - but it is already fixed -
TESCO £4.00 range of christmas sweets - currently marked as 3 for £10.00 - were (at some stage!) mispriced as 3 for £1.00 (just a quid! heh!) but upon checking - they went thru @ £10.00.

Frozen fish aint the only cold thing around here! Looks like my first ever COLD deal! brrrr..

I had something similar happen last year with Tesco Finest Green Tea...

There were only 10 packets on the shelf but no price attached, so I scanned one and it came back at 1p, so I bought 4 packets and the lady on the till did not notice them going through at 1p.

So I went back the next day and did a little bit of shopping and bought another 3 packets, then my mother went the next day and bought the remaining 3... so we ended up getting all 10 packets for 10p... we halfed the 10 boxes between me and my wife and my mam and dad, and it lasted us nearly the whole year...

The next week we went back they had the shelf filled again, but when I scanned the price they came back at £2.69 a pack...

they only notice when people are silly enough to try and buy the whole stock, I.E if we had put 10 packets through on one visit rather than spreading them out over 3 visits

similar thing happened just before christmas last year with cans of stella 4 packs were on a buy one get one offer got eight cans of stella for 15p

several times lol

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i assume OP is an employee

take your 'assume', and turn it into a 'believe' !!


omg, i never get these offers ill hsve to do some investigating

i had a look in our tescos and they had none at all the only fish thye had were there ownand birdseye shame but heat added

how do you check the prices of these if there is no price checker around the store. If you check on the self service checkouts am i right in saying theres no way for the customer to remove a scanned item off the list?
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