Youngs King Prawns cooked & peeled 170g £1 @ Morrisons in-store

Youngs King Prawns cooked & peeled 170g £1 @ Morrisons in-store

Found 27th Feb 2012Made hot 27th Feb 2012
Youngs King Prawns marked £1 @ Morrisons.
Barcode 5000205038155


Thanks for this, great price for Youngs
Mmm, think I'll get some of these and make a king prawn curry, lovely!

thanks, ...unfortunately there wasn't any in the stratford store today, or no shelf label so don't know if they even stock them at that store.

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None in Kirkstall

The offer shows online aswell

Youngs King Prawns 170g each£5.89 per kg
Half Price £1.00

So was hoping they would have them in most stores.

none in Rochdale

This sounds like a fishy deal to me!

none in portsmouth both stores

great price!

Morrisons have limited stock on these as they will be dis-continueing the line. You will be lucky if you find them !

There are plenty in the Farnborough Morrisons because there is no price shown yet they scan at £1. I bought 12 packs and there are at least anothe 20 left in the freezer cabinet.

Thanks op got ten bags yesterday all though they werent priced up they scanned at a pound few left In barnsley store

Original Poster

there are plenty in the Walsall Morrisons no price shown scanning at £1

Plenty in yiewsley branch, just bought shelf label for these but there was for the 200g pack which is quite misleading..just check the weight or barcode as stated by OP and it'll be fine! Scanned through at £1
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