You're In The Movies (including camera) XBOX 360 £11.99 Delivered @ Gameplay!

You're In The Movies (including camera) XBOX 360 £11.99 Delivered @ Gameplay!

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Next cheapest £14.91!

"You're in the Movies" is the first and only game of its kind. It transports players into a magical world of cinema and hilarious improvisations. Using the Xbox LIVE Vision camera, players' minigame actions are captured and placed into short, riotous films that put the spotlight on the unique and often dubious acting talents of friends and family. Performances never end up on the cutting room floor and are never the same. With "You're in the Movies," you're about to be a star - if only straight to DVD.


Star in your very own B-movie. "You're in the Movies" casts players in a variety of exciting roles, from an action hero to a silent film star. B-list actors often can't be picky, but with the power of "You're in the Movies," feel free to choose a genre, choose a script and become an A-list movie star.
Casting call. Up to four friends can bask in the spotlight and play starring roles. But rest assured, even watching from the sidelines is fun! A top-notch director guides actors through their roles with simple instructions and immediate feedback; in fact, the director even rates actors on their physical performance in minigames. This exciting scoring system will stop you A-listers from getting too lazy.
Share your masterpiece with the world. What budding talent doesn't yearn to be discovered? You can share your cinematic creations - your performances and user-created movies - by downloading your masterpieces to your computer and sharing them with friends, family and the entire world. Just think, that best actor award could be only a click away.
Take the director's chair. Jump into Director Mode and produce your very own blockbuster. Lock yourself in the edit room and get to work filming the next big hit. Choose your music, add your own voice-over and re-edit to your heart's content.
The miracle of technology. The Xbox LIVE Vision camera captures player movements using the revolutionary Cutout Studio technology. "You're in the Movies" allows players' best and most hilarious performances to be filmed, saved, shared and relived.



i think game have it for 12.99 not sure

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i think game have it for 12.99 not sure

this is still cheaper!

Dreadful game and the camera is rubbish!!

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Dreadful game and the camera is rubbish!!

my two kids love it


Dreadful game and the camera is rubbish!!

Yes but the camera can be used for other things, mostly EA games profile pics and gamerfaces etc, so £12 aint bad.

Not sure how you can screw up the title of this considering you've got the picture right there but hey ho.

good price. voted hot

Hot deal! Worth it for the camera alone

You're in the Movies.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself...


You're in the Movies.Sorry, I couldn't help myself...

Seriously. :roll:

I thought it was 'Urine The Movies'

Deadfull game (possibly the worst on the xbox360) - but as others have said, you fo get the camera and for this it makes it worthwhile


my two kids love it

Yeah I think its one for the kids! However the web cam can also be plugged into your windows PC too...

it's not great hehe, I picked it up for £14.99 on play a little while ago,
to be honest can't really complain game and cam for such a low price... still a bit of fun.. and hay I guess you could just use the cam as a pc web cam if you really wanted.

hot! such a fun game to play with a few mates drunk!

Hot! Don't know why so many didn't like this game, it's a fun party game which for those who don't like the likes of guitar hero or the wii games it offers an alternative

Is this worth getting ? have two kids 9 yr old and 12 yr old boys ? as theo would from dragons den ''is it worth spending £11.99 of my children's inheritence ?''


Is this worth getting ? have two kids 9 yr old and 12 yr old boys ? as … Is this worth getting ? have two kids 9 yr old and 12 yr old boys ? as theo would from dragons den ''is it worth spending £11.99 of my children's inheritence ?''

Hot price for what your getting but the only time i used mine was to get gamerscore in games like vegas and pga tour and i don't even know where my cam is now!:oops: there are a couple of camera enabled games on live as well,totemball uses the webcam as a controller (was free when i downloaded it),i'd be careful with some games though such as uno because most of the people that play that seem to get naked for some reason and it ain't pretty :?

For those who have a camera already and just want the game, you can get it for £6.99 at 365 Games:…box

Just ordered for son, would have prefered the checkout to use Maestro cards but nevermind.

Thanks H&R

I remember last time this package came up cheap. I had some really good points and made them really badly.

The game itself will just about work satisfactory for the minority of Xbox owners I'm afraid.

As well as standing position for you and the camera, you also have to take into account position/amount of light, wall colour or decoration, amount of furniture in the camera shot etc. The camera isn't technologically advanced enough to handle all the information the game demands.

And onto the camera.

What you need to realise and absorb is that the Live Vision Camera is nothing more than a Webcam. A Webcam is designed for close-up images: usually portraits, sometimes genitals. And to be fair, the Live Vision Cam is not a particularly great Webcam.

So again, unless you are a minority Xbox user who has his/her Xbox set up almost exactly as you would your PC (all in a confined area with you sitting 3' from the monitor) it's not going to display anything remotely like a clear picture of the person or persons face and/or genitals who you are chatting to.

Worth taking into account that the Live Vision Cam is pretty much dead to Microsoft now. I doubt you'll find any kind of official statement saying that they've killed off support for it, but with the Project Natal Camera coming so very soon it would be pointless to waste any more money on a dead duck.

So basically if you want to chat via a webcam, you're better off on your PC, finding a superior camera for the same if not less money and using one of the free IM services out there.

I heard that the camera works on the PC too.. not 100% sure thou..

lol @ the Uno players comment.. i cant beleive people will do such things..

Took delivery of the game and gotta say the son loves it.

You need a room with natural light for the best results but its certainly worth the money.
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