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Ufixt Dyson Compatible Vacuum Cleaner Tool Accessories Set £12.99 + Free Delivery @ Yourspares
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Posted 6th Jun 2019Posted 6th Jun 2019
Ufixt Dyson Compatible Vacuum Cleaner Tool Accessories Set £12.99 + Free Delivery @ Yourspares£12.99£19.9935%
Thought these were worth another shout as it is a good offer for what's there. There's list of all items included as well as a compatibility list below. Delivery is free Compa… Read more

Does this fit on shark duoclean lift away?


Good idea but not a very big dust/sawdust capacity bin?


Ok. Thanks for the info.


same price from a few sellers on Amazon if preferred


Good purchase

Ufixt Dyson Compatible Vacuum Cleaner Complete Tool Accessories Set £12.99 delivered @ Yourspares
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Refreshed 26th Jan 2019Refreshed 26th Jan 2019
Ufixt Dyson Compatible Vacuum Cleaner Complete Tool Accessories Set £12.99 delivered @ Yourspares£12.99£19.9935%
Pretty cheap if you're needing a tool set for a Dyson. It's not the official branded ones, these ones are by Ufixt according to the manufacturer number [UFIXT-1-000027] Delivery i… Read more

I have the V6, came with a pole (wand) attachment and a big head to do floor areas. It's a good machine, but on MAX power, only lasts abt 10mins. Handy for reaching up to ceilings or skirtings without having to bend down.

steevieboy4u Also includes an adapter (y) I'd check with the seller just to be on the safe side though ;)


For the V6 you need an adapter to use their tools. Look through their kits and you’ll see.


We have the V6, would the OP's Deal sufficiently do me instead?, or would the one in your link be preferable regardless?, or ... thanx.


Any link's to such please?. :-)

Unofficial Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Complete Tool Accessories Set £12.99 @ YourSpares
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Refreshed 7th Nov 2018Refreshed 7th Nov 2018
Unofficial Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Complete Tool Accessories Set £12.99 @ YourSpares
Yes, it's 'unofficial' but get ace reviews and get free delivery, list on-site which models this is suitable for, most of the DC range and others - Will save you a few £££'s anyway… Read more

No need to get arsey, just informing you it's a complete tool set :{


Grow up


Ive got the handheld one and the bigger Dyson that use the same tools but the smaller tools arent any good on the handheld without the pipe.


Complete tool


Whats a barnd name? (devil) (devil) (devil) (devil) (devil) (devil)

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Complete Tool Accessories Set for £12.99 with free delivery V6 compatible @
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Posted 25th Oct 2017Posted 25th Oct 2017
Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Complete Tool Accessories Set for £12.99 with free delivery V6 compatible @£12.99
I was looking for a handheld vacuum to use in my car but stumbled across this for my Dyson V6 handheld. Has good reviews and is cheaper than the Dyson 4 piece set. With free delive… Read more

To get these to work with a V8 do I need this adaptor? I know it comes with an adaptor but I don't think it's the V6 to V8 one.


I don’t know that they are dangerous though I used to work for a well-known mainland European manufacturer and understand the effort that goes into designing vacuum cleaner tools that are safe. The very fact that they come with an adaptor for different machines suggests they probably aren’t. What I also know is that people happily buy cheap generic knock-off products without having the first clue about how they are designed or manufactured and the effort that goes into designing and manufacturing consumer products that are safe.


None of which is contrary to what I said. Do you know that these tools are 'dangerous'?


And, though you “see it all the time” you think it’s fair that children are injured through failure of their parents and that consumer product companies should assume that parents have a responsibility to observe and control their children every second of every day? Or that manufacturers should have a duty of care to everyone exposed to their products?


Parental failure - see it all the time - parents who can't/won't control their children, probably because their own parents didn't.

Replacement Toothbrush Heads Compatible With Braun Oral-B Toothbrushes.yourspares
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Posted 26th Oct 2016Posted 26th Oct 2016
Replacement Toothbrush Heads Compatible With Braun Oral-B Toothbrushes.yourspares£4.99
Buy 8 Packs for £18 Buy 4 Packs for £9.99 Buy 2 Packs for £6.99 Premium quality replacement electric toothbrush heads that fit Braun / Oral-B ® rechargeable electric toothbrushe… Read more
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Same here. Superdrug and Amazon regularly have the real ones on special offer and I find they last for months. There's every possibility the cheap ones are good, but I wouldn't want to take the chance.


I think it's pretty aligned with my contributions,


I just after buying an Oral-B pro 2000 for £25 so will try these heads out not much to lose


What I don't quite understand is why bother buying an oral b toothbrush in the first place if you are going to use cheap heads. i would have thought you may as well buy a cheap base too unless I am missing something? I just bought 8 cross actions oral b heads from superdrug for £14.50 , they last for absolutely ages though which may be another difference from the cheap ones.


maybe so but that's not what you posted twice about :P

4-Way Surge/Spike Protected 5.0m Extension Lead £8.17 @
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Posted 8th Dec 2014Posted 8th Dec 2014
4-Way Surge/Spike Protected 5.0m Extension Lead £8.17 @£8.17
Whilst looking around for a 5m extension lead, this came up cheapest and with free delivery and potential 3% Quidco seems a good deal! Yes there are other normal ones cheaper, how… Read more

Heat from me, as seems good with a 5m cable + surge protection.

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32 Oral-B Compatible Toothbrush Heads For £18 @ yourspares
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Posted 4th Feb 2014Posted 4th Feb 2014
32 Oral-B Compatible Toothbrush Heads For £18 @ yourspares£18
stop paying over the odds for your oral b replacement heads, good product and good reviews to prove it..
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i have also bought cheap copies in the past and they were cheap..... these are cheap but really really good.. i promise, quidco also avail


Don't waste time and money with those like I did. The head simply stops working after short while and you need to replace it again so you end up paying even more.


Did you know fake heads sold ebay


Heat added.


Tried universal heads they came loose from the stalk. Never buying again and I love to save money.

Angled Surround Sound Speaker Stand from £13.39 Delivered
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Posted 23rd Sep 2013Posted 23rd Sep 2013
Angled Surround Sound Speaker Stand from £13.39 Delivered£13.39
Cheapest speaker stands I can find on the web at the moment, angled, height adjustable speaker stand in Black coloured finish. 38% off @ £11.14 plus delivery of £2.25, Total price … Read more
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Ah, the wording on website is misleading as it says "sold in pairs" and they only charged me £11 when I placed the order. I just called them and you're right, price is per stand and therefore not such a good deal. I've cancelled the order, thanks for pointing this out ;-)


Better to wait for Monoprice to get them back in stock at Amazon, selling a pair for £9.06 whereas this is the price for just 1! They should have them back in stock in October

Russell Hobbs 3-piece Stainless Steel Fusion Pan Set for £30.75 including Delivery using coupon @ YourSpares
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Posted 3rd Mar 2013Posted 3rd Mar 2013
Russell Hobbs 3-piece Stainless Steel Fusion Pan Set for £30.75 including Delivery using coupon @ YourSpares£30.75
•Quality three-piece fusion saucepan set from Russell Hobbs. •Each is constructed from stainless steel and features a glass lid. •Suitable for use on gas, electric, halogen, cer… Read more
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Thanks for the post. Was looking at these, but saw a review on Amazon stating they weren't dishwasher safe.


Don't you mean £28.74 Delivered Link


Tj Hughes looks like same set doing slightly cheaper 30.45 plus 6% TCB

Endurance C-H3P1 Charger Set £7.99 inc delivery @ YourSpares
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Posted 16th Sep 2012Posted 16th Sep 2012
Endurance C-H3P1 Charger Set £7.99 inc delivery @ YourSpares£7.99
Charger, 4 AA batteries, mains charger and in car charger for a fiver (7.99 inc postage) just use discount code "2010" Pulse power Ni-MH Rapid Charger  150 minute full charge AC a… Read more
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Just ordered. Was looking for a decent alternative to replace my xbox rechargable battery pack. Hopefully these will do the trick. Great price. X) Cheers


Just finding them ... Thanks... HOT as it includes 4 rechargeable batteries and in car charger :{


Grt, i was looking for fast charger plus AA batteries , thank you


£7.25 with cheapest delivery option. Thanks to OP.


Ah .... cheers, thought I had added the detail :|

4 x AA Reghargable 2500 batteries & 2.5h Charger £6.50.
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Posted 28th Dec 2011Posted 28th Dec 2011
4 x AA Reghargable 2500 batteries & 2.5h Charger £6.50.£5
Use code: 2010 for this price (£5.00 + £1.50 postage) Pulse power Ni-MH Rapid Charger  150 minute full charge AC adaptor In Car Cigarette plug connector 4 x Endurance 2500 (AA) ba… Read more
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Thats a good price then, Hot


Use code 2010


Has it changed price now or am i missing somrthing, it says £19.99

Fan Oven Element 2000W was £32.99 ONLY £16.49 @
Posted 18th Dec 2011Posted 18th Dec 2011
Fan Oven Element 2000W was £32.99 ONLY £16.49 @£16.49
If an oven part doesn't get insanely hot on hotukdeals, I don't know what will. Anyway, it's a week before Christmas and the worst possible* thing has happened; the oven's broken!… Read more
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Thats a pattern part not a genuine, this will be coming in from some Italian/turkish/chinese source and you not going to know the quality bet these get some earth leakage. Like the way they are quoting the Merloni part number and not telling you either way. In some respects they are breaking the law, using the work quality and replacement, they should be clearly saying what element it is and pattern or genuine and they should actaully be stating "suitable to fit" and not say it fits if its a pattern part. "We strongly recommend elements are fitted by suitably qualified person with the appliance disconnected from the mains supply." This is contensious as it can be, they really should be saying this "must be" not "strongly recommends" as the appliance fits to the mains at 240v. load of liability all round, if you want to take a risk buy one and DIY but I would never recommend it.



Kankan makes a good point, there are lots of generic elements that fit, however i'd only replace like for like, often an element is only a couple of wires & screws to replace & fit, however unless you are "competent" , even something as basic as marking cables as you remove them will help) ..& thank god for digital cameras as a point of reference for how wiring should be seated again after fitting (to avoid hotspots etc... approved spares are the way to go, that way you ensure a compliant part.


expensive ! I got one last year for my old NEFF cooker and it was about £9 from an Amazon seller .


These are all coming in from china now @ as low as a quid cost delivered. Be warey of the measurement if replacing yours this is NOT universal. Oh and replacing this with out an qualified engineers receipt of work will fully invalidate your home insurance if it catches fire. Was speaking to a fire investigator about 4 months ago and this guy lost his £350,000 house because he burn his electrics out replacing the element, Said it was Electrolux's fault, they proved that they never fitted the type of element to the cooker and his insurance wouldnt pay out, end of the day is it worth it. If you go through they can find a local agent engineer to repair the appliance for you via Repaircare network.