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La Liga 123 (Segunda División) all matches Free Streaming @ YouTube
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
LaLiga has announced that all matches from its second division, LaLiga 1|2|3 , will now be available for free via YouTube to millions of consumers worldwide. Starting today, th… Read more
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Thank You :)


Awesome! I will be watching RC Deportivo! (my mum's home town)


I’m sure they don’t make much, no, especially given that traditionally Spanish clubs have sold their own rights (as far as I’m aware) - however, describing the league as ‘pretty much semi-pro’ is quite absurd, imo. This seems a great way to promote and grow interest in the league. I’d love to see more international leagues do this.


That's awesome, thanks for sharing.


No worries - as long as the deal posting works for you - thats the main thing (highfive)

Free livestream of 2019 PDC World Darts Championships - BBC America (via US VPN)
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
BBC America are currently livestreaming the 2019 PDC World Darts Championships via their YouTube channel. You need to view via a US VPN as coverage is blocked via UK. Coverage is f… Read more

Thank you. Sky contract ended on 4th December and have been missing the darts!


Interesting, BBC UK needs to go the BBC America way with traditional advertising,


Article from wiki. Unlike the BBC's domestic channels in the United Kingdom, BBC America does not receive funding from the British licence fee (which is the principal funding for the BBC's channels within the United Kingdom), as the BBC cannot fund any of its channels that are available outside the United Kingdom.[2] Consequently, BBC America operates as a commercial-supported channel and accepts traditional advertising. It is also funded by television subscription fees.


I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to doing this. What's a VPN? In my day it was a visible panty..... nevermind. I have Sky TV. I rang them up and got all the Sky Sports channels in HD for one month for £18 (no commitment - it will cease after one month). I got it for the darts and the odd decent-looking footy fixture over Christmas and New Year. Seemed like a decent price to me. Might be useful to someone.



3 Months free YouTube Music (new accounts only)
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Offer end on New Years. YouTube Music is a good alternative to Spotify and in my opinion is better than Amazon Music Only first-time YouTube Red, Music Premium, YouTube Premium an… Read more

3 months free; heat added. Nice timing as Deezer 3 months free just ended.


Do you get Google play music with this?


Problem with these music services is they aren't very good with alexa. Only deezer Spotify and Amazon do proper voice commands I think as you can't set these as services... still went for the offer for when I'm out and about though thanks !


Can't get rid of the 39.99 Turkish Lira now. Not even on my pc 💻. I was going to be getting it for £1 odds a month too. Hope everyone else gets it. Do not back out when you see the cost converted to £1 odds take it there and then. Must be on to my ip no matter whether I use vpn etc now. Arrrgghhh


Thank you. Worked for me (y)

FREE - if you're stuck for elf on the shelf ideas and have younger kids (that wont work this out like mine)
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Just type 'Elf Stuck in the tv' on YouTube and let your kids delight in this mystery!
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Plasma was also technically capable of burn in


Thanks for reminding me about that thing (annoyed) Now what to do??


This is my fave idea for Elf on the shelf whenyou’ve just had enough


i know that can happen in old CRT screens during long periods of time....but Plasma screens, i thought it was not tecnhically possible


I've picked up 4 red nose white reindeer in the last 2 hours. Wonder if I can exchange?

YouTube Premium (includes Google Play Music and YouTube Music) via Ukrainian VPN £2.77 a month
Found 28th Nov 2018Found 28th Nov 2018
This includes YouTube music and Google Play Music which is a great alternative to Spotify/Apple Music etc. This is a great price for what you get included (Ad Free YouTube, Down… Read more
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Glad it worked out for you in the end. It took me about 30 mins to add my wife to the account bcos the VPN was on, as soon as I turned it off it accepted the invite.


Fantastic - that worked no issues! I didn't even have to be signed into the VPN when adding family members or when they were accepting the invite, although a couple of them didn't get the email from google, not in spam folder, nothing, so I had my work email address, copy and paste the link from the email and send to the family members I had invited and they signed in and voila!


I used my existing account and added my wife’s account into the family plan. Been using it for over a month with no issues.


Do you need to sign up for a different google account or change the country on your existing google account in order to take advantage of this? Or do you just create a new "master" account and you can assign the family to any other google account ie a UK one?


That's right. Cheaper actually and i used Secure VPN on android which is free

The Lego Movie Free Stream on Black Friday @ Youtube
Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018
You can stream The Lego movie for free on Black Friday via Youtube. You will have 24 hours to watch the movie for free, and can do so by clicking on a trailer for The Lego Movie 2 … Read more
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Thanks, watching it on my android tv box with turbo vpn, and yes it's late


Its very strange, I wonder what went wrong? Hopefully they will extend it to the rest of the weekend to make up for the problems tonight as we have been unable to watch what was advertised


Didn't last long. Oddly it was working fine about an hour ago?


If you have a VPN try setting to a US host. I used a PIA VPN, set the region to US Atlanta and it started working for me


Hmmm I had it working before on both pc and mobile and now not working after I shared the links with friends. Doh!

WBSS Season 2 Quarter-Finals - Glasgow - Burnett vs Donaire & Taylor vs Martin : Free Boxing World Series streaming live on Youtube
Found 3rd Nov 2018Found 3rd Nov 2018
Boxing world series streaming live on YouTube. Legally on the official channel
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Prelims are in Saracen St.


Burnett's retired hurt. Back injury. Sad way to end


Normally in Glasgow the free boxing is on Sauchiehall Street!


Streaming is only fun when it's illegal :{

YouTube Music £1.92 / Premium £2.26 / Music Family £3.06 / Premium Family £3.40 @ YouTube (via Russian VPN)!
Found 9th Jul 2018Found 9th Jul 2018
EDIT: Added a new tier (YouTube Music Family) and updated to cheaper prices. I saw this post over on Mydealz and, given the heat for previous Netflix, Deezer, and Google Driv… Read more
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My Apple Music equivalent post was expired and I just gave up already


HUKD mod team are clueless lately, no idea why this was marked as expired over and over again! (mad)


Just did that yesterday. Is there any particular reason HUKD is not "unexpiring" this?


I also tried contacting the mods to unexpire it but nothing happened.


@hotukdeals_team @andywedge my thread has been locked into expiry yet it still works? Do I repost?

YouTube music and YouTube premium 3 months free.
Found 18th Jun 2018Found 18th Jun 2018
Google have released YouTube music and premium in the UK finally. If you have Google play music you can download the YouTube music app and just sign in to start using (not the You… Read more
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No this is not true at all in fact youtube premium views give creators a lot more revenue for a seperate catogery called youtube premium revenue


Awesome. Thanks (highfive)




Will this get you Cobra Kai for free then ? maxmix


How are people getting 3 months? Showing 1 month only for me

Somerset CCC v Yorkshire CCC FREE Live stream @
Found 28th Apr 2018Found 28th Apr 2018
Somerset CCC v Yorkshire CCC FREE Live stream @
County Championship cricket action with BBC commentary



Goodbye Nytol, Hello cricket in bed


They sync it with radio comms. No ads. Perfect.


Errrrrrr? "Deal?" Shouldn't this be in MISC or similar?? I know that when others have posted live stream for football - they have been persecuted! :3

Marvel Knights: Black Panther animated series - all six episodes free on Marvel Entertainment Youtube channel
Found 17th Mar 2018Found 17th Mar 2018
Marvel Knights: Black Panther animated series - all six episodes free on Marvel Entertainment Youtube channel
Wakanda Forever!

Hi Is this suitable for kids


Heat!. Looks good, reviews on IMDB are positive I will have to watch this later..


More worried about wakandaring not the upload my friend. ;)


It's a legitimate upload from Marvel itself. You need to be thr0ttled.


All very well until you get caught in the act !

Australien skies 2 (UFO documentary) free for 48 hours.
Found 20th Feb 2018Found 20th Feb 2018
Australien skies 2 (UFO documentary) free for 48 hours.
New documentary from The Orchard studio. This is free for the next 35 or so hours on YouTube. Then it'll be iTunes and Vimeo digital downloads. AUSTRALIEN SKIES 2 "Con… Read more

Sadly, I've not watched it. Someone I know mentioned it so thought I'd post it for others.




If it's as bad as iMDB suggests the first one is, I'll pass!



Interesting use of the word "documentary"...

Stargate original movie (1994) for Free to view on Youtube
Found 15th Feb 2018Found 15th Feb 2018
Stargate original movie (1994) for Free to view on Youtube
The original stargate movie for free. Stargate command are promoting their new series. Watch the full original STARGATE (1994) movie, featuring Kurt Russell and James Spader, dir… Read more

For anyone who watched Origins (all episodes) Does it get any better than the 1st episode?


Link not working anymore :( Can't find it on YouTube now at all...




Fantastic movie and quality was ok. I've never seen above 1080 anyway as I'm poor, lol but the 480 was passable.


Yeah, exactly. A bunch of people on the Marketplace have it, used. Amazon don't. It's out of stock and has been for two years apparently - I think because it's actually out of print. All Amazon have in stock is the director's cut DVD. Hopefully the Ultimate Edition gets a re-release.

Spar/Eurospar/Vivo/Vivoxtra  NI 12 deals of Christmas (Week 3) Roses/Heroes/Quality Street/Celebrations 660g/680g/750g Tubs 2 for £8 Instore Ends 29th October
LocalLocalFound 17th Oct 2017Found 17th Oct 2017
Spar/Eurospar/Vivo/Vivoxtra NI 12 deals of Christmas (Week 3) Roses/Heroes/Quality Street/Celebrations 660g/680g/750g Tubs 2 for £8 Instore Ends 29th October
Northern Ireland Only Just seen advert hit youtube.
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The large tins are still produced. I always get these.


They were all £4 in my local ASDA at the weekend!


Which will still be half full, better to just fill the small tub to the top and run a marketing campaign about how they are single handedly saving the world for our children by cutting down on landfill and doubling the price. (flirt)


The government talks about the environment and making me pay 5p for a bag, But allow these firms to churn out 100,000's of these tubes for the sole purpose of misleading the general public, Even these tubes are only half filled when you take the lid off. The supermarkets run these same promotions between them every year, Why can't one of them just make a stand and break from the crowd and have large tins produced again.


I've got some old Celebration tins in the shed, 1100gms. Might be more, I will check that tomorrow. Some of the tins are oval with a see-through lid. Probably about 10 years old. I keep socket sets in them. They have gone down in weight a lot. Next year they'll fit in an ash-tray.

Warwickshire CCC v Surrey CCC County Championship Cricket LIVE on Youtube
Found 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
Warwickshire CCC v Surrey CCC County Championship Cricket LIVE on Youtube
FREE coverage of the latest County Championship game from Edgbaston, commentary available here 2nd time in a week that cricket has… Read more

Thank you for the radio link. No outfield/action replays but I'm not complaining.




incredible to see some cricket on non-paid channel

Sigur Rós live from the Walt Disney Concert Hall, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association @ YouTube
Found 16th Apr 2017Found 16th Apr 2017
Sigur Rós live from the Walt Disney Concert Hall, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association @ YouTube
Streamed live on Friday. Fabulous concert by Sigur Rós with the Los Angeles Philharmonic ( I did try and post on Thursday but was on the mobile app and couldn't get it to work :( … Read more

Thanks! Skip the first 10 minutes to when it actually starts. Heat added


Thanks :)


Slightly ashamed to admit that the only Sigur Rós song I know is the well known 'Hoppípolla' that always seems to get played whenever the BBC need an uplifting tune to accompany a clip.


you're welcome (_;)


Brilliant! Thanks for the keepsake too! :D

Warwickshire CCC v Yorkshire CCC County Championship Cricket FREE on Youtube
Found 14th Apr 2017Found 14th Apr 2017
Warwickshire CCC v Yorkshire CCC County Championship Cricket FREE on Youtube
LIVE pictures on Youtube, listen to commentary via the BBC cricket website. Coverage for all 4 days from 11am

Thank you but it is raining X)

Coachella 2017: Live stream on Youtube April 14–16
Found 8th Apr 2017Found 8th Apr 2017
Coachella 2017: Live stream on Youtube April 14–16
Coachella 2017: Live stream on Youtube April 14–16 From April 14-16, Coachella’s YouTube channel will carry performances live available for free. The lineup for the music… Read more