Yum Yom Noodles £1 for 10 packs in home Bargains

Yum Yom Noodles £1 for 10 packs in home Bargains

Found 27th Mar 2015
10p each cant be bad. I bought the Shrimp ones but there was at least one other flavor. BBE 11.6.15
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Must have missed these when in earlier, seems like a bargain though.
Smells a bit fishy to me. :-D
Have you no shame?
Great for students
I didn't go in Home Bargains this last week, so I've probably missed these. Koka noodles are usually 25p each and Maggi noodles are 5 packs for 99p in Home Bargains, so this beats both! Just my luck I'm having 30 packs each of chicken and beef Yum Yum noodles delivered next week from Amazon at a much higher price (27p each)!

BTW, my local Tesco has a half-decent oriental section with a good selection of both packeted and potted noodles at cheaper-than-bulk-online prices. Nongshim, Mama and Nissin all feature, with prices around 60p for packets and 75p for (smaller) pots. I didn't see the popular Ko-Lee noodles though - I bulk ordered the hot'n'spicy and chicken flavours from Amazon and both were very good. All noodles mentioned so far are infinitely superior to the vile Batchelor's Super Noodles brand.

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Tried a couple of packets (one shrimp&one veg) bought from asda at a knockdown price a week or so ago and got to say very tasty.
After seeing this i picked up 4 packets today from local home bargains , much Thanks to op.
I finally sampled the chicken Yum Yum noodles this weekend and I was a little disappointed with them. The broth wasn't paricularly strong and the packets were a bit on the small side (I topped the noodles up with spare Nongshim noodles from their arguably oversized 120g packets). I'd rate them 6 out of 10 - the Ko-Lee Chicken Special noodles were better (8 out of 10 - lost a mark for being over-salty...which other colleagues I gave packets to agreed with). I think I'll go and cancel the bulk order of beef Yum Yum noodles.

I've been on major noodle-fest recently and the best by some distance are Nongshim Shin Ramyun (it's *very* spicy, but I love that!). 120g red packet for 70p at Tesco (and about the same price if you bulk order it from Tradewinds like I did recently).
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Smells a bit fishy to me. :-D

no... just... no.
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