YUMMY MUMMY pinklining changing bags reduced from £75 to £45 p&p £4.95 free over £100 A few designs to choose from

YUMMY MUMMY pinklining changing bags reduced from £75 to £45 p&p £4.95 free over £100 A few designs to choose from

Found 20th Aug 2010
I know I know still not cheap but it is cheap for what it is.Great designer quality changing bag.These are not on sale very often and go on Ebay used for around £40.They are on ebay at the moment around £65.00 plus postage.THEY ARE EXCELLENT QUALITY I have had mine for 7 months and it is still as good as new. So before I got shot down its a great price if thats what you are looking for. I have ordered another for myself different design and one for my sis.
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They are just beautiful!!
I agree hun LOVE them!!!Can't resist
I have one of these and have had it nearly 2 years and its still as good as new - so well worth the price!
good find nice
Love these bags!! Got a yummy mummy one 2 years ago but due another little one in 4 weeks and so tempted to get a new bag:) Good find thanks!
love these bags - half making me want to have a baby just to get one
Ahh they are lovely, just bought a new OiOi one for this bubba, hubby was a bit oO about that I don't think I'd get away with it
good price
oooo can't get onto the site now.... had one 4 years ago when we had our son - still fab but just had a baby girl and would a pink one!
Wish I could afford one, they look gorgeous!!
Grrrr, can't get on the site!!! :-(
Thankyou do much x
Leistersnursery world has these at good prices !!!!
oh dear... another £50 spent!
Love these bags, worth it for a decent changing bag, you get what you pay for in my opinion.
Excellent price, these bags are fab!
got onto the site in the end and bought one - I tell myself it was fate... hmmm...
I think its deffo a girl thing as us ladies seem to love these x
also the site seems to be back on again.Mine have been dispatched can't wait
red'd mine today - so fab - thanks so much!!
These are gorgous but are these a good size? i have 2 baby boys now
I have had one of these for about a year, they are FAB and mine still looks brand new, I paid £45 I think from memory, had to give them 10 e-mail addresses for friends but it also took £20 off...hot from me x
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