Z-Board only £25.45 inc. Delivery!

Z-Board only £25.45 inc. Delivery!

Found 16th Jul 2006
Z-Boards are becoming harder and harder to find, especially at such a low price so I think I might just get this!

25.45 originally but if you do it through QuidCo you get yourself an extra 2.75% off, making it 24.10

Not sure that these will last at these prices, 'cause they go on eBay for more!

Just found out you'll also earn yourself 10 iPoints (not sure what they are though - but I presume they will give you reductions on other things)!

This price includes Delivery and VAT.
- fps_kyle


We tend to post the retail price Kyle, and not include the quidco in the title price - if you don't mind, I'll change that, because not everyone uses quidco.

But it's an excellent find! Great price for the zboard. In case anyone doesn't know what this is, it is a special keyboard for gamers. You can get custom keysets which sit on the top for popular games such as Battlefield, World of Warcraft etc...

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Although why anyone would want to play World of Warcraft I don't know ;P

Yes, these can be very handy - even though I'm left handed.. ;P


I think there is no harm in mentioning 'after Quidco' price especially if that is clear in the content. There are very many who use Quidco.


Great find fbs_kyle :thumbsup:

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ok, looking for some cheap keysets to go along with this now! :P will keep y'all updated.



fps* :p.

:lol: Sorry about that .... i'll just call you kyle next time if thats o.k ...

Not a fan of the zboard despite me typing on one right now, nearly useless for a left hander despite what they claim, if I could sell one second hand I probably will

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sell it to meeeeeee ;P

i'm sure i'll cope with my left hand - although the weird thing is, I use wsad with my right! ooh ;P

Then it'd suit you to a tee on the gaming keyset

Sadly I'm an arrow key lefty and although I tried my best I could never reach potential with the wsad way

In the past i've bought mine from dabs and scan

Scan.co.uk has the Keysets for under a tenner, unfortunatly unless you live in Bolton delivery is £7

My first post, love the site

Hi jaygotgame!

Thanks for your first post. I also think scan are a great company, I've bought a lot from them. They have even higher delivery charges to Northern Ireland too, but are an excellent company.

Welcome to HotUKDeals! :wink:

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Yes, but eBuyer is the worst for Northern Ireland delivery lol ^__^ I was getting a single cable costing about 2.20 and they charge about 5.20 on ebay etc for them - postage was something like 8 quid!

[SIZE=1]Nice find my FPS friend[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]A bit off topic, but the worst for Northern Irish delivery is Lowestonweb. They put a £25 surcharge on anything that needs to go to "offshore" destinations.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Emmajk42 knows i love ]Scan :grin: and I'm not even sorry. They have good service, I've had to do a couple of returns (electronics DOA or incompatible memory chips). There has never been a problem with return or refund. I have read somewhere that they insist on items being returned as well packaged as they send them out. Which is really well, make one order from scan and you've enough bubblewrap to sell stuff on ebay for a month![/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]The Zboards look ok, but for head shots galore I use the ]speedpad N52[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Just my opinion, if you doubt it let's duel :pirate: [/SIZE]


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Really? oh no.. because I was going to be buying a CPU from there - cheapest I can find it is on there..

Don't really like the n52 ;P

ooooh nice. I think i might get this for my boyfriends birthday in september. I'll have to find out how much the everquest 2 keyset is!

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Only 10 quid! SimplyGames are amazing.

Anyone know if the Zboard has a PS2 or a USB connector? Dell seem to have abandoned the PS2 port on some of their newer machines, so it would be handy for us Dell users to know the connectivity of this keyboard.

The Ideazon website merely provides part numbers for the PS2 and USB models

USB Model Number: ZBD-101
PS/2 Model Number: ZBD-301

Anyone received theirs yet?

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All advertised Z-Boards are usually always USB.. besides, you can just buy a USB to PS2 converter on eBay - only about 2.50 // i had to get one 'cause i had a DELL like that, but it worked fine.
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