Z Board USB Standard/Gaming Keyboard £18.99 delivered @ MX2

Z Board USB Standard/Gaming Keyboard £18.99 delivered @ MX2

Found 24th Jul 2008
Not into PC gaming so i don't know if this is a good gaming keyboard or not, but i do know they're normally a lot dearer than this and this keyboard is a 2-in-1.

Part number is PC1137 if link doesn't work.

Product Details

What's in the Box -
Keyboard base, gaming keyset, standard keyset, wrist rest, installation CD, and documentation.

Product Description -
When you want to master applications and games quickly and easily, look no further than the Zboard from Ideazon. The Zboard is a revolutionary, two-piece, interchangeable keyboard system that is designed to optimize your computing experience.The Zboard system is comprised of a base and interchangeable keyboard interfaces for many of today's popular business applications. The unique system design delivers maximum flexibility so that you can quickly and easily exchange between businesses, gaming or educational interfaces depending upon your current need.

-USB keyboard base with 2 intergrated ports.
-Interchangeable keysets one for gaming and one for everyday use.
-Enlarged butterfly keys for main game directions.
-Access main game commands with a single hand.
-Instant record macro facility for today's top games.
-Accepts up to 8 simultaneous key presses, gives you increased game response.
-The Zboard is the only keyboard that gives you ,hot swappable, key sets.
-Dual function.
-Multimedia office keyboard and with other keyset an unbeatable gaming platform.

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