Zack & Wiki - Wii - £10.75 delivered at Zavvi (aka The Hut)
Zack & Wiki - Wii - £10.75 delivered at Zavvi (aka The Hut)

Zack & Wiki - Wii - £10.75 delivered at Zavvi (aka The Hut)

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Fantastic game - one of the best on the Wii

£10.75 delivered & in stock

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awesome, must buy at this price

great deal, this is a great game, really under rated.

excellent game, highly recommended if you puzzle solving, a throw back to games like Monkey Island

I agree with the above comments.

Great game. Very under rated. I got this for my sons on a recommendation from this site for Christmas and they both love it. Age 10 and 12. Their friends have also had a go and one rushed home and asked his mum to get it.

What is the score with Zavvi, aren't they in administration?

the hut? zavvi? the hut? what's that all about? did i miss something?

Zavvi's name and website seem to have been bought out, I didn't realise it was by "the hut" though.

Heat added for the deal though, was looking to buy a Wii game this weekend.

Love mario galaxy so will give this a try. Thanks for the deal

Brilliant game and the dialogue is very funny! I would gladly give the £25 I paid for it when it came out.

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They also have Wii Play (with Remote) for £25 - best price around............


how many players is this for ????

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how many players is this for ????

It is a 1 player game, but given its nature (puzzle/problem solving) it encourages discussion and debate when there is more than 1 person around. Great game.

Have a look at the IGN review............


Got this last week in currys for £9.99

Just ordered a copy. Thanks!
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