Zagg audio sale! (don't forget 20% quidco)
Zagg audio sale! (don't forget 20% quidco)

Zagg audio sale! (don't forget 20% quidco)

EDIT - link isn't taking you to the page for some reason, just click the audio clearance banner when your on the site and it will get you to the page

Clearance sale on Zaggs audio line of products.

USB Laptop Speakers was $89.99 now $19.99 78% Off
ZAGGphones was $99.99 now $29.99 70% Off
Original Z.buds w/ mic, nylon cord was $79.99 now $24.99 69% Off
Original Z.buds w/o mic, nylon cord was $69.99 now $19.99 71% Off

Use code PROTECT20 for another 20% off and don't forget your 20% quidco on top of that ;-)

The Z.buds with the mic are confirmed to work with the iPhone " Z.buds Music Control for iPhone completes the experience, allowing iPhone users a seamless switch between their calls and their music" and for only about £15 before quidco I'd say its a bargain.


Noticed this about an hour ago too, but postage is high to the UK... Headphones is nearly $20 when the item itself is $30.... Any free postage codes going around?

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If you use the PROTECT20 code I posted you basically get postage for free ($5 off). I ordered the Zbuds with mic for just under £15 delivered, still got quidco to come through so will be about £12 in the end. Id say that's pretty decent!

Yeh it depends on the weight I guess. PROTECT20 does not work on the Zaggphones but GIZMO does and knocks $6 off.... So I guess its $30 plus the $14 dollar postage minus quidco for total.
edit with a possibility of paying import tax and any other duties/fees

i bought 2 zagg shields a few weeks ago and no import tax was needed, i think they have a warehouse in manchester cos thats where it was sent from to me (i think) well thats what the return address was labelled as

only the earphones left in stock so giving this a quick bump for you....
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