Zaion - Vol 1 and Vol 2 DVD's £6.48 (for both, with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Borders
Zaion - Vol 1 and Vol 2 DVD's £6.48 (for both, with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Borders

Zaion - Vol 1 and Vol 2 DVD's £6.48 (for both, with voucher) + Free Delivery @ Borders

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Zaion - Vol. 1
A meteorite crashes to Earth, bringing with it a deadly virus known as M34 that infects humans, turning them into lethal beast-like monsters. The world's top organisations gather to form the organisation CURE to combat the infectious disease. One organisation, NOA, stands in the virus' destructive path by using soldiers implanted with sugar nanotechnology to fight the vicious disease. But as the virus continues to spread an mutate into different strains, mankind's only hope may be sixteen-year-old girl...

In a world under attack by the rampant M34 virus, the NOA soldiers stand as the best line of defense against the new strains that keep emerging. One soldier, Yuuji, is torn between duty and his place in the world until a chance meeting with a shy girl names Ai, the agency's latest weapon and mankind's newest hope.

Yuuji is hospitalized due to injuries from the last battle as the rest of the NOA team heads off into battle. In the heat of the battle, Ai discovers the horror of the M34 virus as Yuuji confronts her fears and his own insecurities.

Special features
Japanese Promotional Clip. Interview with Director Seiji Mizushima and writer Natsuko Takahashi. Interview with GONZO President Showji Murahama.

Zaion - Vol. 2
As the outbreaks of the M34 virus continues to worsen, the NOA soldiers face strengthening opposition. The virus continues to evolve, adapting itself against the nanotechnology, turning the very advantages of the NOA soldiers against themselves. The bond between Yuuji and Ai will be put to the test as the threat of the M34 virus brings havoc and death all around them.

Episode 3: notice
The NOA soldiers return to home base to begin what they think is a break from the action. One by one, they begin to show symptoms of being infected, except for Yuuji. A new strain of the M34 begins to emerge, bringing the NOA soldiers face-to-face with this new unstoppable threat.

Episode 4: presence
As the virus outbreak grows out of control, Yuuji slowly recovers from his injuries from before. In the face of growing danger, Yuuji begins to realize how much she means to him. Yuuji races to the aid of Ai as he leads the remaining armed forces against the new mutations.

Special features
Interview with SF Setting Director Mitsuyasu Sakai
Interview with SF Director Yasufumi Soejima
Interview with Voice Actress Yukari Tamura (Ai)
Interview with Music Director Keiji Kawal
Interview with Director Seiji Mizushima


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If you wish to purchase just one of these DVD's then Play (especially with their 5% deductions and Quidco) works out a better price than buying just one from Borders. The Borders deal only works out quite a bit better if buying both. Te Play link (£3.99 each) is here : - play.com/Sea…y=7


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