Zalman ZM-M215W 21.5" Stereoscopic 3D High Definition 1080P Monitor £269.99 @ Amazon
Zalman ZM-M215W 21.5" Stereoscopic 3D High Definition 1080P Monitor £269.99 @ Amazon

Zalman ZM-M215W 21.5" Stereoscopic 3D High Definition 1080P Monitor £269.99 @ Amazon

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Finally back in stock!

One of the best 3-D monitors around due to using "passive" 3-D (cinema-style) glasses, rather than the very expensive "active" 3-D glasses we're used to seeing on home equipment.

Kudos to my mate Jake for sending me the link! - (I have to acknowledge my friends... otherwise they get upset and eat all my food)


Bear in mind that passive glasses cut the resolution in half...

"The monitor is high quality with sharp image including 3D when its working and that's the big downside and hassle, the two 3rd party 3D drivers. Both the iZ3D which is free and TriDef (discounted if you have a AMD graphics card) drivers are very buggy you will have alot of hassle setting them up and stopping them crashing. The Support from TriDef is slow I'm still waiting well over two weeks for a bug fix with black ops gun sight zoom. With iZ3D nothing but silly replys like are you using a Zalman monitor is it switched on ect. I complained to Zalman about the rubbish 3rd party drivers and support but did'nt get a reply and without these drivers there is no 3D, Zalman need to do something about this. I was contemplating sending the monitor back but when the 3D gaming works it's very good and the TriDef movie & image player is excellent and will 3D most of my 2D photos and videos. I changed my mind and hung onto it especially so because it was so keenly priced. Three other problems you have to sit 1ft from it at the perfect hight, the screen is very reflective and the glass's are very cheap. When you first start using 3D you will probably suffer eye strain and mild head ache but over time you get used to it and the symptoms fad away."

eesh Think I'll stick to higher quality on the active ones! Waiting on a decent priced one.
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I've had one of these for a while, and if it wasn't for the driver issues, I would recommend it. It's relatively cheap and the quality of the 3D is decent.

The thing is, Nvidia's drivers do actually support it - they support the earlier model (the M220W), but they don't detect the M215W as a Zalman monitor due to Zalman ceasing their partnership with them (as I understand it).

It is actually possible to get the M215W to work with Nvidia's drivers, by updating the EDID information the monitor provides with a utility like PowerStrip to report that it is a M220W instead of a M215W. Then it works perfectly, even with the M215W's higher resolution. Problem is, PowerStrip, a) isn't free, and b) doesn't work every graphics card (e.g. works with 8800GT, not with GTX460), and c) it's a ludicrous faff to get something that should just work to work.

So with all that in mind I can't really recommend it. It's a shame to see a decent technology go unsupported due to political issues between companies.
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