Zanussi Multi Function Oven and Gas or Electric Hob £299 @ Wickes

Zanussi Multi Function Oven and Gas or Electric Hob £299 @ Wickes

Found 12th Jul 2010
Just spotted this in the latest Wickes brochure and been to buy it at my local branch in Chilwell

Buy a Zanussi Multi Function Electric Oven and either a gas or electric hob and the price is knocked down to £299.

The oven usually costs £367, the gas hob is £135 and the electric hob is £120.

The SKU codes are 401375 for the oven, 401433 for the gas hob and 401403 for the electric hob.

Just checked and the electric hob is in stock and if you add both to the basket it reduces the price to 299


Thanks for posting! I need a new oven and gas hob!

Sadly Gas HOB OOS on the website and no stores locally have this in stock. Did yours have it on the shelf or did you order it in for a store collection?

Ah, Bradford Idle can get me it for tomorrow from the warehouse. £329 for the oven and gas hob. Excellent!

Big thanks from me too, just got oven and hob instore. There was also another deal at £229 for the same hob but more basic oven (not multifunction).

I went looking in my local Wickes but drew a blank. Utterly clueless manager just pointed at the ovens on the shelves and grunted. Couldn't find any special offer brochures anywhere either.

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its in the Summer 2010 brochure, page 444

About a £60 saving from internet prices.. not great, but not bad... Much easier to return from wickes if something isnt right, but im not sure if these are any good?
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