Zanussi ZDC37200W Condenser Tumble Dryer @ £185

Zanussi ZDC37200W Condenser Tumble Dryer @ £185

Found 18th Sep 2013
been looking for a condenser dryer for a while this price seems good for 7kg!

Quiet and sturdy. This Zanussi Condenser Tumble Dryer is for those who want an understated appliance, but stand out results. The fresh white finish contains a generous 7kg drum, ideal for a standard sized family. It’ll dry up to 21 wet T-shirts at once. It has 3 separate programmes for more intricate clothing and has a sound level of 64dB, which is just above a normal conversation. Very handy if your kitchen and living space is open pla
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Good deal and voted hot but you are almost certainly better off with the Beko at £195, also from…Aqg

The Beko uses 48.72p of electricity per load while the Zanussi uses 63.8p of electricity per load. and so you will save approximately 15p per load in electricity. This could be partially offset by the 7Kg v 6Kg drum size but not fully. Thus, you would only need to use the dryer about 75 times to recover the extra £10 outlay.

Probably more than any other appliance, you need to look carefully at energy consumption and your expected usage. A rated driers can cost as little as 19.58p per load whilst C rated appliances are anything up to 83.52p. If you plan to use the drier daily, the best A++ rated appliance could cost about £72 per year to run and the worst C rated appliance £305. Thus, although you will typically pay around £500 more for an A++ rated dryer, if you are a heavy user, this can pay for itself. Information taken from…t=0
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Thanks for the info!!
beko tumble dryer cause of loads of house fires just google…tay safe and get the zanussi

beko tumble dryer cause of loads of house fires just google … beko tumble dryer cause of loads of house fires just google it. safe and get the zanussi

They were manufactured between May and October of 2012 and were subject to a manufacturer recall, as are many products. It seems highly unlikely that the current models have the same problem.
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