Zapf Chou Chou My First Tooth £8.47 instore @ Tesco (was £34.97)

Zapf Chou Chou My First Tooth £8.47 instore @ Tesco (was £34.97)

Found 27th Sep 2010Made hot 27th Sep 2010
Was in my local Tesco (Llanelli) and they had loads of these on the shelves marked down from £34.97. Still showing as full price online. Bargain for christmas....

As soon as this doll cries and cheeks flush, you know she is cutting her first teeth. The included bottle and dummy provide some relief until her teeth really start to come through so you will have to let her chew on her teething ring. However, it's not all tears, tickle her tummy, and hear her giggle! Includes extra outfit.


I was just in Kilmarnock did not have them there hot for those that can get them x

Great find & fab price, heat added! Unfortunately not at my local Tesco (Shepton Mallet, Somerset).

Good price. Will check out my local tesco.

Has anyone found these anywhere? Thanks


you couldve picked me one up ..... hehe

Great deal if you can find them hot hot hot

none near me ... pity ... anyone else found any?

only op seems to have found one - so maybe it was very store specific.

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why has this expired?
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