(ZAPPA) 'Baby Snakes'+'Dub Room Special'+'Torture Never Stops' on 1 DVD(!) £11.28 @ Amazon

(ZAPPA) 'Baby Snakes'+'Dub Room Special'+'Torture Never Stops' on 1 DVD(!) £11.28 @ Amazon

Found 31st Jul 2014
I know there are a few FZ fans on here that should already have these, but for anyone else wanting to experience some classic, incredible Zappa - this is the BIG ONE! 3 on 1 DVD!

'Total Run Time: 386 minutes' (by my calculations it's 374mins)

-I thought that this might have been a black-market type dvd, but it's put out by Eagle Rock, who seem to have Gail Z's approval. As well, audio is that of the individual released DVD (i.e. Baby Snakes is shown to have Dolby Surround 5.1 - Dweezil did mention releasing a 5.1/DTS of 'Torture', but that's yet to happen)

'BABY SNAKES' (164mins)
Frank Zappa – director, keyboards, vocals, guitar
Adrian Belew – vocals, guitar
Tommy Mars – keyboards, vocals
Peter Wolf – keyboards
Patrick O'Hearn – bass guitar
Terry Bozzio – drums, vocals on "Titties And Beer", "Broken Hearts Are For A$$holes" and "Punky's Whips"
Ed Mann – percussion

August 1974 band
Frank Zappa - Guitar, vocals and percussion
George Duke - Keyboards and vocals
Ruth Underwood - Percussion
Chester Thompson - Drums
Tom Fowler - Bass
Napoleon Murphy Brock - Flute, saxophone and vocals
October 1981 band
Frank Zappa - Lead guitar and vocals
Ray White - Guitar and vocals
Steve Vai - Guitar and vocals
Tommy Mars - Keyboards and vocals
Bobby Martin - Keyboards, saxophone and vocals
Ed Mann - Percussion and vocals
Scott Thunes - Bass and vocals
Chad Wackerman - Drums

Frank Zappa: guitar, vocals
Ray White: guitar, vocals
Steve Vai: guitar, vocals
Scott Thunes: bass, vocals
Tommy Mars: keyboards, vocals
Bobby Martin: keyboards, saxophone, vocals
Ed Mann: percussion, vocals
Chad Wackerman: drums

RIP George Duke (1946 – 2013)


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there are a couple of seller (very limited supply) selling for same or a few pennies more - just have to look at sell options further down the page

Movie Baby Snakes gives you a good view into the music and magic that is Zappa....
Terry Bozzio has an excellent minute and a half drum solo that is not on the soundtrack album to this movie but can only be viewed and heard here.....frankzapppa.blogspot.com/201…tml
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