Zapper Click Insect Bite relief RRP; £5.99, instore £1.99 @ Home Bargains

Zapper Click Insect Bite relief RRP; £5.99, instore £1.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 24th Apr 2009
Bought one of these for our upcoming holiday as I believe they work far better than any creams, lotions or potions!

Zapper Click Quick and Easy Mosquite Bite Relief.

Technical Details from Amazon;
Relief from mosquito bites and to stop scratching.
No battery required.
ZapperClick will treat up to 1,000 bites.
It's small and easy to carry around.

Includes a round-the-neck clasp.

zapper click works by the rapid expansion and contraction of crystals that takes place when you press the activating button. this creates a harmless impules, similar in effect to a mild static electricity pulse. Anti histamine piezo principle is proven to work successfully on mosquito and horsefly bites as well as jellyfish and nettle stings. Zapperclick a new bite as soon as you have been bitten.

Also had in stock Jungle Formula items for insect repelling and treatment following bites, varying prices.

(Long Eaton Home Bargains 24/4/09)
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I'll 2nd the use of these - they do work and dont scar you like the bite pens with ammonia in
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