Zara 50% Sale available online and instore - EDP now £9.99 for 100ml.

Zara 50% Sale available online and instore - EDP now £9.99 for 100ml.

Found 12th Jul
First post, so please be kind.

The Zara sale is still happening, with what I think are really good prices for lots of items, all still with good sizes available. I have added link to the accessory page where EDP are selling for £9.99 for 100ml.…tml

There are also mens shoes, jeans and shirts for the same price.

Just thought this may be useful for someone else. Shipping is free if spending more than £50, otherwise it's £3.95
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Hi @olysaa thanks for taking the time to share the Sale offer
Thanks for posting, heat added
Fantastic sale. Same price (even cheaper sometimes) than the likes of Topman and Asos and significantly better quality. Word of warning for the men's shirts - they're almost all slim fit. Which is fine if you're slim (like I was 10 years ago wahhhh)
One thing I’ve noticed is that every Wednesday prices drop so if you keep an eye out you can grab a real bargain. Also, items come back into stock so worth to keep looking if you missed an item you really liked.
Thanks to HUK Over £200 outputs.
I've bought somethin three times since it keeps getting reduced. then i collect and return it on the old receipt, while my 'full price' worn item is at home
Got a few pairs of jeans for a tenner each, here’s hoping they aren’t spray on style
Heat because it's legit and quite varied. But I must say, personally, their mens clothes are very ugly
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