Zavvi - LOST: Via Domus Xbox 360 Only £4.49 brand new

Zavvi - LOST: Via Domus Xbox 360 Only £4.49 brand new

Found 1st Jan 2009
Not a bad game for under a fiver brand new.

Only problem is it's short but your getting value for money.

This game is available on 360 only, in my local they had loads in stock so I'm guessing this will be the same everywhere?

Zavvi were charging 4.99 but with thier 10% sale on Friday it's reduced to 4.49


Online it's showing £12

Cheap price! Hot

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Online it's showing £12

I'll try get my mates receipt as proof for you, he has a 360 and got it for points, I have a ps3 though so didn't get it.

The deal was instore at Leeds, don't know if it applies Nationwide?

yes. this game is £4.99 in store at Zavvi cardiff and has been since they went into adminstration.

They still have plenty of stock left.

Certainly not the greatest game, but definitely the best price - as an earlier poster mentioned, it'd be good for all those 'achievement w....' erm 'addicts' out there.

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