Zavvi mega monday  BFI Blu-ray titles £5.95

Zavvi mega monday BFI Blu-ray titles £5.95

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Hi this is my first post just recieved an email with quite a few BFI blu-ray titles for £5.95 in the zavvi mega monday deal including Salo,Bill Douglas Trilogy,Saturday Night, Sunday Morning,The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner etc..


Some great titles included, at great prices. The BFI releases have massive attention to detail and do a great job on the transfers too. Voted hot.

Yes, hot ( assuming zavvi actually deliver )
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Hot! This is a rare and good find.

Must remember to look tomorrow.

Hot, especially considering they're Blu-Rays (which you should probably add to your title and/or description).

Can someone list these BFI blu rays in the sale. Searching on the price doesn't show the ones mentioned, unless the site isn't showing the monday deals yet as of 0.35am.

its a great deal, especially Salo which for many years was the worlds rarest and most expensive dvd.

also Saturday Night, Sunday Morning - this film features an appearance by my wifes dad as a very small ginger headed boy as an extra. also scenes from it were filmed in her grandmas house. so there is something you all learned today lol.

who is going to buy Salo then?

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Hi decided to buy Bill Douglas Trilogy,Saturday Night, Sunday Morning,The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner and Comrades.

I have heard great things about Bill Douglas it now gives me a chance to view the movies and extras at a great price.

Some great titles here... One of the best kept secrets is how truly magnificent some of these restored black and white titles look in HD, better than they first looked when they came out at the cinema!

Never using Zavvi again, made an order about a month ago... a Blu Ray came with a cracked case, got sent 2 PS3 headsets instead of 1 (one of which won't charge),was sent 2 CD's instead of 1, I was overcharged for the extra items sent, one item that was supposedly in-stock was despatched 2 weeks later, plus the hassle of having to send the faulty + duplicate items back. About the only decent thing they've got going for them is their customer service.

Having said that voting hot as this site is for the deal not the retailer

Great find. Picked up a few of these.


who is going to buy Salo then?

Every single chunk in high-def.

Wow. I'm sure these BFI titles are worth picking up - I reckon you could watch them and easily get your money back on a well known auction site if you didnt think they were a keeper.



Every single chunk in high-def.

Haha how fitting your profile picture is, for such a comment oO
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