Zavvi sale from Thursday 26th instore (25th online)
Zavvi sale from Thursday 26th instore (25th online)

Zavvi sale from Thursday 26th instore (25th online)

Loads of dvd's, cd's, games and books in a sale that starts online wednesday night and instore on thursday. Some of the best titles below...

American Gangster - £5
Blues Brothers - £2
Kingdom - £3
Crash (2004) - £3
House (Seasons 1-3) - £25

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against the Machine - £3
The Twang - Love it When I Feel Like This - £3
Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly Angry Mob - £4


HMV has a big sale on...the prices are the same and the HMV sale has been on a while and posted before

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i saw the hmv sale, which is probably the best place to find a lot of stuff at the mo. but all the titles i listed are cheaper than hmv. Some admittedly by little difference, but the House boxset is 15 cheaper than hmv, Crash is 11 cheaper and kingdom 15 cheaper (although i think it was temporarily 3 pound as well). The post was just to say that a chain that is usually competitive with hmv are going to have a sale, so if people are trying to get the best price possible it might make sense to hold on and see what the prices are like elsewhere.

I vote hot - always worthwhile to know when different shops are having these big sales. It's up to us to then shop around for whatever specific items we are interested in.

It's 2 minutes past, and the page is the same! An outrage! :P

Not for me - Ive got the sale page up. No games though. James Bond Complete collection seems good though at under 70quid!

Oh? I keep getting "502 Proxy Error"

I'm getting a Proxy error when trying to open the sight

There was a thread here earlier saying that in one of this morning's papers that Bioshock at Zavvi would be £10 today. Strangely though, for the brief few seconds that the sale page did load up for me I saw that Bioshock was still £30 :?


DVD Battlestar Galactica Series 1-3 £34.99

Comes up at £29.99 when put in basket.....:thumbsup:

Sonic Wii £9.99 and Monkeyball Wii same price. Not bad.

Some Sale.
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