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Black & White Deer Watch £66.64 @ Zazzle
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Posted 14th Dec 2019Posted 14th Dec 2019
Black & White Deer Watch £66.64 @ Zazzle£66.64
£83.80 but discounted to £64.64 from Zazzle! Style: Women’s Wraparound Silver Watch Wrap your wrist with a stylish watch that combines metal and leather for a fashionable look. Th… Read more
15% off Weekend Discount Code Zazzle on everything. OK Hand Sign Emoji Baseball Cap - £17.35
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Posted 6th Apr 2019Posted 6th Apr 2019
15% off Weekend Discount Code Zazzle on everything. OK Hand Sign Emoji Baseball Cap - £17.35£17.35£2013%
15% off 15% off Sitewide Use Code: APRILZWEEKND
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#MeToo Stronger Together T-Shirt - £24.35 @ Zazzle
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Posted 14th Sep 2018Posted 14th Sep 2018
#MeToo Stronger Together T-Shirt - £24.35 @ Zazzle£24.35
#MeToo Me Too Stronger Together T-Shirt... Designed by Royal Crew shirt
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£25 for a t-shirt (poo)


Hey ladies... I care about you!


Ironically Asia Argento the leader of MeToo is huge hypocrite, she got exposed herself and she is one the worst


Leave the politics and post a deal next time. Or did it used to be £50? In which case.................................. it is still terrible and is going a bit chilly, and quite right too.


I work in a shirt printers and can print this for you for less... Even up to a 2XL. lol

40% off Christmas Gifts including Jumpers, Cards, Stocking, Hoodies, Snow Globes & more + Another 20% off with code @ Zazzle
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Posted 13th Nov 2015Posted 13th Nov 2015
40% off Christmas Gifts including Jumpers, Cards, Stocking, Hoodies, Snow Globes & more + Another 20% off with code @ Zazzle
40% off on checkout on everything, then add code SANTAZCOMING and get another 20% off - Example just tested a jumper which was £12.90 after discounts ---------------------------- … Read more

Damn you hotukdeals !

apple watch £42.95 @ Zazzle
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Posted 10th Mar 2015Posted 10th Mar 2015
apple watch £42.95 @ Zazzle£42.95
Style: Vintage Leather Strap The Vintage eWatchFactory Watch is a big-faced timepiece that will never go out of style. Featuring a three-hand quartz movement and genuine leather st… Read more
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Is this just for a strap?


X) X) X)


It's dual core.


those are in fact apples but under new eu rules we can no longer sell apples which are too round


Thats a lesser spotted conference apple.

Hot deal stickers £5.25(a sheet of 20) at
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Posted 6th Feb 2014Posted 6th Feb 2014
Hot deal stickers £5.25(a sheet of 20) at£5.25
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Should be banned


why dont we just get along?


You're posting deals again? Oh great.


Got any stickers for when you don't miss the pan? I'm fed up with the ping pong ball.


Or wait till someone posts a deal like... "found this £500 camera is tesco go check yours.. " When you get there and they are normal price stick these stickers on so everyone knows it's a bargain.

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Customise clothes, accessories, cards, etc. for CHEAP @ Zazzle
Posted 30th Dec 2013Posted 30th Dec 2013
Customise clothes, accessories, cards, etc. for CHEAP @ Zazzle
Experiment with your boundless creativity and personalise almost anything with this excellent service. Amazing quality clothing. In the picture is a sweater I designed myself :) H… Read more
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No worries and thanks, will check them out!


awesome thanks cafepress are a similar company. very good as well.

Reindeer stickers - £4.75 @ Zazzle
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Posted 11th Dec 2013Posted 11th Dec 2013
Reindeer stickers - £4.75 @ Zazzle£4.75
Everybody else is at it, and if you can't beat em - join em. So here is my tenuous link to a flame deer deal. Feel free to freeze this one :)
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To cold, DEER!


voted cold as per request lets get this one to minus 1000 + lol


Boooooo lol


Freeeeeezing it for you


venison the Christmas meat T-shirt @ zazzle
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Posted 9th Dec 2013Posted 9th Dec 2013
venison the Christmas meat T-shirt @ zazzle£14.95
Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight t-shirt will quickly become one of your favorites. Made from 6.0 oz, pre-shrunk 100% cotton, it wears well on anyone. We’ve d… Read more

no thanks


I bet people are googlein reindeer for any think :D its not even I good deal :)


I voted HOT deer and it went even colder in hereoO


Good price, bad shirt I'd say :p


it was just a laugh, sick of seeing cute raindeer. wanted one related to food :)

Zazzle Hat I Love Turnips £14.95
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Posted 8th Aug 2013Posted 8th Aug 2013
Zazzle Hat I Love Turnips £14.95£14.95
Trucker Hat 100% polyester foam front Wide area to feature your design 100% nylon mesh back keeps you cool Adjustable from 17" to 24" Available in 11 color com… Read more

Baldrick would have a field day putting this in his turnip surprise.


found it, wasent showing on my screen, the price of the hat has just gone down ! but with shipping works out to £17.26 so you should update the price in your post to show the total cost plus P&P


CAP IS £14.95


How do you get that price ? cap = £16.95 less £1.70 from the code posted by dtemple works out to £15.25 .... am i missing something here ?


Baldrick would have loved this.

Your Mum Smells Like Tuna T Shirt £22.80 @ Zazzle
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Posted 26th Jun 2013Posted 26th Jun 2013
Your Mum Smells Like Tuna T Shirt £22.80 @ Zazzle£22.80
Ever needed a way to tell your friends about your sexual escapades with their unwashed mothers. Well worry no more. Everyone will now know about the odour emanating from her pink t… Read more
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Fishy deal and smelly price.


MUCH cooler stuff on Threadless :) It is true tho, genetics...


It is isn't it? But I did have a wee snigger I have to admit. Cold though for the price. x


Eww, that is vile!


This actually says mom and not mum. OP change your heading. Voting cold for yet another Americanism.

Officer Loser Mug £22.10
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Posted 25th Jun 2013Posted 25th Jun 2013
Officer Loser Mug £22.10£22.10
Officer Loser Mug £22.10 delivered
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I dont get that my hot deal about the bbq donut boat has been marked as spam and been deleted and this hasn't?


the coldest thing I have found on this site is this post needs to beat that


You need 10000 cold votes...


Couldn't have put it better myself


"W T F ?" Lol wheres my straight jacket?

North Korea Flag Mug £12.45 @Zazzle
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Posted 2nd Apr 2013Posted 2nd Apr 2013
North Korea Flag Mug £12.45 @Zazzle£12.45
North Korea Flag Mug Original flag design looks like it was painted right on the mug! Commemorate your world travels, celebrate your heritage or show everyone how much you love you… Read more

I never said the USA is perfect. My argument is a comparative. Compared to North Korea and most other countries it is the most free, accountable, and moral country in the world. If you do not believe that, and believe that the USA is the worst state in the world we have pretty much run our course here. I do find that willful skewing of what is evident upsetting though, to the many who live under real tyranny. Now. Is the USA and especially its foreign affairs perfect? No. I never said that. But as has been said, when you are the country that most of the world looks too to help out when evil flourishes, it has to get its hand dirty. It acts in self interest, with a moral component, picking its battles strategically in the ugly chess game that is international politics. I understand. You are a young post graduate who wants perfection. As Winston Churchill so wisely said, “If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” As you get older it becomes easier to accept imperfection.


This has to do with bolstering one's position as an anti-hero. Interestingly enough I read through Stanley Milgram's work a couple of years ago as an undergrad as well as recent literature and published papers. (See the open paper here - And this you won't have access, unless one has athens - Actually I have many associates whom fled saddam's Iraq, and stories that will make your eyes water. An example being the assault on Kerbala & Najaf during the Shia uprising which George Bush Snr advocated yet allowed saddam to fly his gunships resulting in slaughter of hundred if not thousands which our media never covered However the sad fact is much of saddam's evil would have not been possible without western support, particularly american, british and french, all of whom sold him the very chemical weapons he used in Halabja that you've linked to. Do you not remember Donald Rumsfeld's visit to Iraq in 1983? America's support of Iraq and the use of biological/chemical agents against the Iranian's in the Iran-Iraq war 1980-88? And so coming round the back to my point. With the United States and her allies unfortunately there is reticence to recognise crimes committed both at home or abroad (e.g. West's newest friend in the east, Burma as it's become "democratic" and has billions in natural resources yet myopic to the plight of the Rohingya ethnic group). While there maybe freedom to criticise one's leader, true liberty and freedom unfortunately doesn't exist here.


I know about the capitulation of the individual to the collective. Stanley Milgram performed experiments in this area, much more famous and accredited than Ron Jones. Also, read 1984 with an open mind, and you will find where individual liberty is compromised, fascism exists. What you fail to understand is that North Korea is the reality of the third wave. A whole nation enslaved by strength via nationalism. Instead you pick at the reality of a war against cowards who hide behind innocents, with a light dusting of tin foil hat wearing paranoia. You want war crimes? Saddam killed way more innocents than the US have in Iraq 1 and 2. Do you not care about the Kurds? Probably not. Because it does not bolster the anti-hero identity you have constructed for yourself. In the west we can freely criticize our leaders. Try ridiculing an Ayatollah or divine leader and see how long your head stays attached to your neck.


How have I lost? Unlike people of your ilk, I'm neither naive or blind. It is the worst of all states because as I have already said, it acts under the pretences of democracy while supporting criminals e.g. the autocratic saudi monarchy murdering and imprisoning the Shia whom populate where much of the oil reserves are etc. State sponsored murder in Africa is quite clear cut and obvious. How about state sponsored assassinations of ones own and foreign citizens (as I said already and you were to LAZY to read), carried out by the US of A in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria? Thousands of women & children murdered by the US of A's covert dirty war which the west seemed adversely blind to - So before you say someone has lost you should have the decency to present a reasonable and rational counter argument. By the way have you ever read about Ron Jones and his experiments on statehood and control. So get back in your hole.


Tool to determinate success of brainwash

'Proud Ball Boy' T-Shirts, £13.90 + £3.81 P+P @ Zazzle
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Posted 23rd Jan 2013Posted 23rd Jan 2013
'Proud Ball Boy' T-Shirts, £13.90 + £3.81 P+P @ Zazzle£17.71
Make sure you take your time when ordering.
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Great deal, i'd kick myself if i missed this deal.


Scummers, well one of them, out in force tonight, along with some anti Welsh feeling, brilliant. Cold regarding the t shirt and the assault apologists for an overpaid, spoilt footballer. :(


And Jordan would have married him


Ball boy was wasting time, but Ref or linesmans job to sort it out. Hazard shouldn't have been involved, yellow card max. C'mon the swans for the final - Chelsea offered nothing special, deserve to go out. Swan's played well and had better chances.


Hazard kicked the ballboy to get the ball back. Torres would have missed him, Cole would have shot him, Terry would have shagged him.

Tribal Deer Skull Tattoo - flame Postcard £0.84 @ Zazzle
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Posted 6th Dec 2012Posted 6th Dec 2012
Tribal Deer Skull Tattoo - flame Postcard £0.84 @ Zazzle£0.84
Cool (or hot) Flaming deer postcard £0.84 or £0.62 if buying in bulk (x8) Happy hunting...
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Team Reem The Only Way is Essex TOWIE T-Shirt £20 @ Zazzle
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Posted 5th Feb 2012Posted 5th Feb 2012
Team Reem The Only Way is Essex TOWIE T-Shirt £20 @ Zazzle£1
Team Reem The Only Way is Essex TOWIE T-Shirt £20 @ Zazzle
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Reem means 'looking good'? Why? And this is a serious question.


looking good


nothing wrong with these people fit as


ignore him


silly old ****

For most Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un, Tee @ Zazzle - £13.90
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Posted 19th Dec 2011Posted 19th Dec 2011
For most Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un, Tee @ Zazzle - £13.90£13.90
Never be lonely again with this trendy, fashionable and sincere tee. Translates as "Nice guy living in North part". Our heavyweight Tee is everyone’s favourite. It’s casual, comfo… Read more

Did you miss the :p :p :p


[image missing]A lot of the posts in this thread are made in jest, get a sense of humour.Do agree with the point about not regurgitating information you've heard from documentaries. Either cite the source or show us your power point presentation containing your photos from your gap yah in North Korea.


why is it in Japanese?


I believe you mean never be rownrey again.


Really? What about human rights? The freedom to say what you feel is right without the fear of disappearing and never be seen again. And if your loved ones question that, well god help them. If being given an automatic rifle at 18 years old is your interpretation of freedom then that's just pretty sad. Enjoy the Internet do you? They don't. It doesn't exist for north Koreans. Drop a newspaper in the street with their leaders image being face down and expect big trouble. In fact fold a newspaper with their leaders image being creased and expect bigger trouble. Wow. Possibly the most uninformed post ever on HUKD. do some research and you'll see the truth about freedom in North Korea.

Trust me, I'm a Ninja T-shirt 20% off £14.29 @ Zazzle
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Posted 13th Dec 2011Posted 13th Dec 2011
Trust me, I'm a Ninja T-shirt 20% off £14.29 @ Zazzle£14.29
20% off with ZAZZLEXPRESS. Legit deal, honest.
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Sorry it's a white T-shirt with a simple small black design on it... worth what £5 at most... hence cold


Ninjas do not need trust - or advertising of such need. This is clearly a Pirate tee designed to troll Ninjas! (and it works) Shima




Just goes to show NO ONE LIKES NINJA'S!


Incase you haven't noticed HUKD have given certain members the power to decide weather a deal is or or cold. Their vote is worth100 degrees. These special users are known as ninjas.

I Love Jedwardian Style - Sweatshirt - £18.35 @ Zazzle!!!
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Posted 12th Oct 2010Posted 12th Oct 2010
I Love Jedwardian Style - Sweatshirt - £18.35 @ Zazzle!!!£18.35



OY !!........




More like Sick


Yes, yes yes yes!

Merry Christmas Tree Lights Postcard - Was a Quid now 88p @ Zazzle
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Posted 4th Sep 2010Posted 4th Sep 2010
Merry Christmas Tree Lights Postcard - Was a Quid now 88p @ Zazzle£0.88
Not long now - Don't delay get then before everyone else does!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas Tree Lights Postcard - 88p each or 8 for 65p each. A bright, digital watercolour of decorat… Read more



sorry this is rubbish... i could make this for less


I'm up for that


aww man! forget poundland! LETS MAKE A 88P LAND


Why the negatives?