ZBOX January - COSMIC Pre-Order with free Limited Edition T-Shirt £19.99 @ Zavvi.com

ZBOX January - COSMIC Pre-Order with free Limited Edition T-Shirt £19.99 @ Zavvi.com

Found 26th Dec 2014
Hey guys got an email about this and cant be too bad considering what you get. Going to pre order one myself.

The themed monthly mystery box for fans of games, movies, cult TV, comic books and purveyors of all things popular culture. Each months box is strictly limited edition, with our launch box being limited to 3,000 only.


Zbox will feature a wide range of products every month that tie in to the monthly theme. This month’s box theme is “Cosmic” and will include loads of great gear from your favourite Pop Culture Cosmic seekers. Value of the loot will always be £45+, plus some lucky boxes will be up-scaled to include loot worth £100+!

Release Date: 23 January 2015


Ordered mine, will go with the last 2 boxes I ordered.

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yeah its the first I have heard of it so going to order one and see what luck I get with it.

Trying to get on the nerdcrate / loot box phenomena....sceptical about their ability to compete so I will skip the first one and see what happens

The first one they did was quite poor apparently nothing exclusive etc..

"with free limited edition T-shirt" ??? How's it free when it's part of the box you pay 20 quid for oO

last one was crap

What is normally contained in the boxes from anyone that has purchased in the past?

I know it gives a list of the sort of items it could contain and saying boxes have goods worth £45+ and some £100+

I had one of the first round zbox's. It contained a Superman POP!, Batman socks with capes, a Batman tshirt, a superman keyring, a button badge, few sweets and a comic book. The person I gave it to was over the moon

gona give it a go

Do they normally do the t-shirts in XXL but they are now sold out or the biggest size is always XL?


I found it to be exceptionally poor quality, to me they seem themed towards children and not adults.

Looks like the ones from last month are selling on a popular auction site for up to 40 pounds delivered so you could probably easily recoup your money if it turns out to be cack!

I might take a stab at it. Heat. Thanks.

These totally suck, supposedly a £40/50 value.
Superman pop figure £10
T-shirt £6
Pair of socks £3/4
Crappy 2 year old comic £1
Tiny badge 10p
Keyring £1
Pack of trading cards 45p
Packet of sweets 10p
A zavvi advertising book.

All the stuff zavvi can't sell normally packed into a single convenient box.


The Guardians of the Galaxy one was filled with what you would imagine was given to cinema staff for free by reps: mouse mat, cheapo iPhone cover, cheapo t-shirt, cheapo baseball cap, keyring... very underwhelming.

Approach with caution.

Cautious about the lack of unboxing videos on youtube for these.
I'd imagine they're just filled with rubbish.

The Mrs little brother wanted to buy a couple, I told him that I'd just make him some.
They were so much better than any of these.

Well mine arrived this morning, I'd completely forgot about it until they emailed me the other day saying it had been dispatched, OK the box is the size of a kids shoe box

Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot (Head on a spring) £10.99 but it says on site not released till 25th Febuary 2015 zavvi.com/mer…tml

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver keyring (Thin Plastic)

Terminator Card holder £2.99 (Holds 2 credit cards) zavvi.com/mer…tml

X Men I Phone sleeve
Transfomers (Little toy in a packet)
Star Wars Comic (In the style of a Graphic Novel)
Star Wars T-shirt ( picture of half finished Death Star)
Fizz popping candy

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Yeah I got same in my Z-Box bit of a bonus though as I'd already got the Dancing Groot preordered with them (it was supposed to be delivered 28th of December) so I've saved £10.99 I was expecting to pay on top of the Z-Box.

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