Zebco Fishing deals Sainsburys Instore 70% off

Zebco Fishing deals Sainsburys Instore 70% off

Found 21st Apr 2012
Was in the Leamington Sainsburys earlier and they seem to have some good deals on starter fishing equipment.
A small cantilever tackle/tool box with an external torch plus an internal lamp to light up the compartments was 5.99. A starter kit with a 3m 3 section rod, reel and other bits and pieces was 9.00 and a carp kit( which I wouldn't touch with a bargepole) was 11.00 (telescopic rod, reel and some rigs). They were also doing rod rests for about 3.00. They had a few other bits for 25-50% off also. Hopefully this will be useful for someone. The tackle box and starter kit seemed especially good value. Cheers.
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Using Zebco tackle would put anyone off angling X)
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