Zelda 3DS £24.99 instore @ Morrisons

Zelda 3DS £24.99 instore @ Morrisons

Found 12th Jun 2011
Recent releases for the 3ds have been 24.99, even Dead or Alive so i asked today if Zelda would be the same and the assistant said that was the price of their 3ds games so Zelda should be the same on Friday. Cannot prove this as it is not released yet but worth watching out for as it would be the cheapest version yet and instore as well.



Moved to Misc - once confirmed can you report and we can move back to deals? Thanks

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Yeah, no problem. I just thought visitors would appreciate the heads up in advance of Friday in case they were looking for a 'pre-order' deal less than £30. Understand though.

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No point moving this back now I guess, there is a similar thread gaining heat with the same confirmation that I had i.e. nothing printed or photographic, just the word of the staff in the store.
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