Zelda case for Nintendo DS £1.98 @ gamestation - Instore

Zelda case for Nintendo DS £1.98 @ gamestation - Instore

Found 13th May 2010
Zelda case for nintendo ds only £1.98.
Saw this today in the Canterbury store. Thought it was a good price...they had various other similar items on sale for awesome prices as well.
Hope someone finds it useful. =)


These are the same price is GAME as well (surprise surprise). Is the official Nintendo product.

Bought one of these for this price a couple of weeks back. These are Nintendo licenced products made by HORI who make some of the best cases around. Excellent quality and doesn't have those horrid clear plastic bits on the inside to hold it in. Nice attention to detail with a little cover for the spare stylus to prevent scratching the console etc.


could you put a larger pic up please OP? thanks

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Hope this helps =)

thank you will try to look later in town :thumbsup:
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