Found 20th Feb 2007
The Gamecube version of this cracking game seems to be sold out everywhere, and is going for between £50 and £60+ on eBay - ouch! With Nintendo's track record of failing to give two hoots about UK gamers, I personally think it is unlikely that any more PAL copies of this game will be coming into the country.

DVDBoxOffice (great Canadian website) have it in stock now, ready to ship for $62.95 Canadian with free delivery - which works out at just under 28 quid! Bargain....!

Bear in mind that it is the NTSC version of the game, so you will need a NTSC compatible Gamecube or a Freeloader or Action Replay disk to play it over here. Freeloader disks are in stock at Amazon.co.uk for £8.99, plus delivery (eligible for free super saver delivery) if you need one. If you do have to buy a Freeloader then 'ta-dah!' you now have a multi-region Gamecube and can pick up loads of cheap NTSC games from the States/eBay. Can't lose really.

Anyhow, even buying this and a Freeloader from Amazon will cost you a maximum of £39 - still a big saving on the price from the eBay sharks!

Review of the game from Gamespy: "In the end, there's no way that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess disappoints. It's an excellent addition (and homage to Ocarina) to the franchise, and you'll have an enormous amount of fun playing it from start to finish. It's an amazing epitaph to the GameCube's life and it's certainly the best game from Nintendo this year. If you've been on the fence in any capacity, then please rest assured that you'll not be disappointed. Nintendo's flagship game has arrived in style and you better damned well appreciate it. It's ultimately fantastic."
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here is the freeloader link - £10.98 with p&p from amazon, you could always buy it from the new and used section for a bit cheaper

Is it the same as the wii version?
The two versions are more or less the same - The Gamecube version was made first and the Wii version uses the same graphics engine etc - differences are in control system, layout (versions are mirrored) and widescreen option (Wii only).

From Gamespot: "Graphically, the GameCube version is roughly identical to the Wii release ... The combat controls are more conventional on the GameCube...but the Wii controls actually end up feeling more precise in a direct comparison ... Also, in what has to be the weirdest change, the entire GameCube game is a mirror image of the Wii version. Actually, it's probably the other way around [true - the Gamecube version is based on Ocarina of Time landscape]... You can't go wrong with either version of the game, but if you're still trying to decide, the Wii version is just a bit better."

But if you haven't got a Wii yet, like me, this is a winner - best Gamecube game ever.:thumbsup:
Any particular reason this has gone so cold?
I got a wii. The wife won't let me have it until sunday. I have also got zelda for it. I am looking for cube games to pay on it though as the titles are a bit limited on the wii
I'd personally recommend Metal Gear Solid (as seen in the deal posted this evening), Mario Kart Double Dash, any of the Resident Evil games (esp. Resident Evil 4 - way better than the PS2 version - I also though that the GC exclusive Resident Evil 0 was great, despite mixed reviews), Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime (1 & 2), Pikmin (1 & 2), Eternal Darkness, Smash Bros, Soul Calibur II to name but a few - man....this was a great console!

Prices seem to have seen an upturn recently, with the backwards compatability of the Wii, but I still reckon eBay is the best bet for GC games - as so few shops still stock the things.
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