Zemana Mobile Antivirus - 1 year free premium @ Google Play Store

Zemana Mobile Antivirus - 1 year free premium @ Google Play Store

Found 5th Sep 2016
To unlock the premium features enter the code:


Click on Settings tab in the Sliding menu => Click on License tab => Enter the giveaway code => Click on "Activate Now" button to finish your activation.

Mobile malware is on the rise!

Unsurprisingly, financially motivated malware is taking up approximately 30% of the over-whole threat specter.

Malware that can reveal user location via GPS.

Malware that records your phone conversation and captures any sound in your environment-like a bug.

Malware that steals users private data

Unknown malware

Just please don`t tell me that it is not important, there is no malware and other useless talk...

Use it or not, it`s up to you!
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Got the pc version that is nice and light
Code doesn't work for me

Code doesn't work for me

​Try in the settimgs tab and then click license - enter code
worked for me cheers
Works now thanks, did same thing yesterday and it wouldn't!
Thank you, code worked for me. Heat added.
never heard of them
thank you. installed it.
didn't work
It's Xmas and the code still worked. Maybe you never heard of this but the pc version was the only one was able to clean spyware. No surprise Malwarebyte bought the company....
worked thanks:)
Worked today still.
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