Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost CD £7.99 Delivered @ CD-Wow

Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost CD £7.99 Delivered @ CD-Wow

Found 28th Sep 2009
Fourth album, following 2006's 'The Garden', from the Brit downtempo/chillout duo. Not content to make the same album again, with 'Yeah Ghost' they have turned in a markedly different work brimming with new ideas, from funky uptempo club bouncers, through avant-garde ambient, to indie-influenced, organic-sounding tracks like the free single 'Everything Up (Zizou)'. Features vocals from folkie Martha Tilston and the soulful, throaty Eska Mtungwazi, who has performed with Matthew Herbert.


Nice price and a good album. Seeing them tonight in Bristol.

Thanks for the heads up. Great band.

CDwow price not being picked up by but CDwow have it for £6.49 and I got a £1.25 off voucher from them today so ordered! Thanks OP have some rep but sadly no heat, lol!

Hang on? Your post was about CD-Wow so how do I see it at £6.49?? Lol! Maybe may £1.50 off from last week still applies! ?

I've noticed before that CD-wow seems to have alternative prices for the same item. I suspect that if you find an item via a comparison site you get a better price.
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