Zero Escape Trilogy (PC - via Steam) £6.27 at Steam Store

Zero Escape Trilogy (PC - via Steam) £6.27 at Steam Store

£6.27£27.3977%Steam Store Deals
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Brilliant price for this trilogy of visual novel/puzzle based games.

To avoid any confusion, the first title in this bundle - i.e. 'Zero Escape: The Nonary Games' - includes the first two games.
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Crazy price. Great games. I got 'em all on Vita. Must have paid 4 times as much as this for them, and I thought that was a deal at the time
An absolute steal. I would rather get them on the Switch, but seeing as Spike Chunsoft has no intention of releasing them there, I just bit. I have already played the first two and they are incredible, definitely among the best DS and 3DS games respectively. I hope Zero Time Dilemma lives up to them. Couldn't pass up the chance to pick up the remastered versions
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Great price for this series. I had absolutely no idea this was on Steam.
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