zero gravity £44.50 delivered plus 6%quidco
zero gravity £44.50 delivered plus 6%quidco

zero gravity £44.50 delivered plus 6%quidco

zero gravity real wall climber,
drives up any smooth surface,on the floor up the wall,will not mark walls.

great price was trying 2 get one b4 xmas everywhere £80
1st deal so please b nice.


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thanks, could do with a picture 2,:)


And if you order from Littlewoods and get it on interest free credit and your a new user, they will give you £15 off your first order.

Added the pic to the OP and took out the extra http to make the linky work. Individual items are best under the "product" category when submitting a deal, so the price shows on the right hand side as well. There's a link in my sig to a help thread on this kind of thing

Welcome to HUKD bluedazza and Rich1983!

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thanks emma, been coming 2 this site 4 2 years now! thought it best 2 sign up;-)

Welcome to HotUKDeals and Thanks for the pointer Have you got one of these?

my girlfriends sister bought one of these for her kids and it apparently didnt work when they tried it on their walls, which is in a typical terrace house.

might be faulty but she took it back and swapped it for a different toy.

"Drives up any smooth surface"

It's that bit that worries me, does that mean it'll only drive up things like a fridge? Or do you reckon it'll drive up my plastered walls? Think it'd be really fun to try but how many walls are there around that you could climb with it?
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