Zinio - digital magazines at reduced prices
I know that this deal isn't of much interest for most people, but thought someone might benefit.

Zinio is a digital magazine service, that delivers magazines to a range of digital devices - iPad is the obvious one, but supports iPhone, PC, Mac, and (soon) Android. The main advantages are convenience and price - a digital magazine subscription is typically much less than the dead tree edition, but has all the same content, plus often more (in terms of video, audio, web links and full text search).

Zinio's been posted a few times here before, it's how I first found out about it. However, I noticed today that a lot of magazines have either been recently added, or reduced in price. Among the ones I spotted :-

SFX - £20.82 + VAT for 13 issues
T3 - £20.99 + VAT for 13 issues
Total Film - £20.82 + VAT for 13 issues
PSM3 - £20.82 + VAT for 13 issues
XBox World 360 - £20.82 + VAT for 13 issues
GamesMaster - £20.82 + VAT for 13 issues

Like I said, probably not much interest to most folk - but if you do have a supported device, well worth a look

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